Welcome to the marriage life!

It is such a great honor that you chose to stop by!

I’m Julius Koch, a Christian with an unstoppable passion for God and marriage.

Eda and I have been happily married for more than 15 years, and are blessed with three handsome boys.

Through my many years of marriage, I have learned a lot of things that I can share and help a new or struggling marriage to stand the disagreements that are inevitable in marriage life.

You see; the fact that there is no one who is perfect means that you can make mistakes that may make your partner unhappy. However, how you and your partner deal with or solve that issue determines if the marriage will last or end.

See, I do not want you as a husband to make the mistakes I have made in my marriage life. Neither do I want you to do the same as a father.

My wife, too, has a story, and her experience will definitely make another woman a better wife (to be).

Through these years of marriage, we have had disagreements that we felt were there to make our union end. At some point, we felt like it was not worth living together.

During those dark moments of our marriage, and just when we wanted to give up, we reminded ourselves of one thing: the reason we came together!

Our co-reason of coming together made our bond stronger, and we decided to amend our differences, forgive each other, and love one another unconditionally.

Definitely, that marked a new beginning in our marriage.

Could it be that our bad experiences are the reason our marriage is better? Maybe!

It is for this reason I decided to create this site to help others overcome these challenges.

Haven’t you seen how many couples are murdering each other, divorcing, killing children, and destroying properties?

Henceforth, I want to help young people start and build healthy relationships that will lead them to good and healthy marriages.

Also, I’m striving to see that every man retains a good relationship with his wife. That way, children will have a good role model and try hard to follow the same path.

The results?

Every young person will invest in a healthy relationship that leads to a beautiful marriage.

I believe that the posts we create here will help your relationship or marriage take a new turn.

Trust me, it is possible.

In case you would want us to write content for your blog on marriage, relationships, dating, and parenting, feel free to contact us so that we discuss the details.