Baby Keeps Peeing Through Diaper At Night? What You Should Do!

Waking up to find your baby is wet and his crib smells like urine every morning can be frustrating especially if you had changed his diapers several times in the night. On other days your kid can’t sleep in peace because the diaper leaks make him very uncomfortable.

If your baby keeps peeing through diaper at night you should regulate the number of drinks he takes before bedtime, change diapers before you go to sleep, use night diapers, go a size up when buying a night diaper, use two diapers, use diaper boosters, change brands, use cloth diapers and change diapers before you go to bed.

What Should You Do When Your Baby Keeps Peeing Through Diaper At Night?

1. Regulate the Number of Drinks Before Bedtime

One of the major causes of diaper leaking is your baby drinking excessively before bed. Many kids cling to their bottles before going to bed which can cause problems because their bladders can’t tolerate so much liquid overnight.

Change your routine, but make sure your child has his or her final drink of the night an hour (or more) before bedtime.  

2. Change Diapers Before your Baby Goes to Bed

This one may seem to be normal but not many parents follow it through. If your baby or toddler wakes up with a wet, leaking diaper regularly, make sure to change it shortly before bedtime.

If your nighttime routine includes a diaper change, which most do, make sure it’s one of the last stages, especially if your baby pees after their last meal.

Furthermore, some toddlers’ bedtime routines can be quite lengthy, so 30-45 minutes may have passed by the time you’re tucking them into bed.

3. Change Diapers Before you go to Bed

Most of the time, our babies go to bed before us. It is advisable to change his diapers before you go to bed. If your kid is a boy you should keep his penis facing downwards when putting on a diaper.

4. Use Night Diapers

If you have tried the above options but none seems to work, you should try night diapers. It is recommendable to use night diapers of the same brand you use during the day.

There are many brands manufacturing night diapers and many parents will recommend a different one. The best thing to do is try out your preferred diapers because they might not give the same results as theirs.

5. Go a size up When Buying a Night Diaper

Leaks are likely to begin as your baby grows in size. Consider going up a size if your child is waking up frequently due to a leaky diaper (at least at night) you might find that it was all you had to do.

Keep your baby in their size 2 during the day, but get a size up a night. The larger diaper must fit snugly around the waist and thigh area.

6. Use Two Diapers

Using two diapers at night may be the secret to preventing overnight leakage. Place your baby’s diaper on first, and then put another one on top of it.

Getting a size larger for the second diaper can be beneficial. Put on your baby’s size 1 diaper, then a size 2 diaper over that.

If your infant only has leaking concerns on occasion, the second diaper may still be dry in the morning, allowing you to reuse it the next night.

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7. Use Diaper Booster Pads

These booster pads are tailored to fit inside a normal (or overnight) diaper and resemble female pads. When the kid pee, the booster pads will first absorb it and the diaper absorbs the surplus after the pad is full.

These could be a fantastic last-resort alternative for mothers who have exhausted all other options, including overnight diapers.

8. Change Brands

 If the issue of diapers leaking at night continues, it’s time to switch brands. Finding the ideal fit and size for your child that is within your budget is the key.

If you’re switching brands, acquire the smallest box possible so you can test out the diapers before deciding.

9. Use Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers may seem complicated to moms who only use disposable diapers. It may also appear to be a great amount of time and effort. However, it could be the key to preventing leaks.

During the day, remain with disposable diapers and use cloth diapers just at night. Since you can easily modify the absorbency of cloth diapers, they’re ideal for night leaking.

Use a thicker insert if your child is peeing through them. For added absorbency, you can double the inserts.

If your baby keeps peeing through diaper at night, you can take a rest now. Am sure you have learned many methods that you can use to handle the problem. Also, you should regularly change the baby’s diapers even when there are no leaks to avoid rashes.

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