Best Armaf Cologne Review and Buyer’s Guide in 2023

Shopping for the best Armaf cologne spray can be tiresome. You are likely to find endless rows of different brands in your favorite store. So, you decide to take a sniff of various samples. Contrary to what you thought, you get even more confused.

You really are not sure which one to carry home.

Well, we are here to make your selection easy, fast, and memorable.

In this review, we narrowed down the selection. Thus, here, you get the top, most sort -for- sprays that have floral, fruity, musky, and spicy scents. Besides, their prices are fair.

Let’s get rolling.

1. Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man

Armaf Club De Nuit intense Man cologne is, particularly for men. The cologne, in French, loosely translates to ‘nightclub’. Therefore, when planning to take your fiancee or wife out at night, this is the best cologne to go for.

However, if you like, you can as well use it during the day. After all, application time does not affect the scents.

At the first spritz, this cologne smells fruity. However, that wears into a flowery scent and lastly dries down into a masculine woody scent. How is that even possible, you ask.

The top notes of this cologne are black currant, pineapple, apple, bergamot, and lemon, thus the fruity scent. The middle notes, on the other hand, are those of rose, jasmine, and birch. Feels like walking into a flower garden in the morning dew, doesn’t it?

Simply put, it is refreshing and sweet.

Lastly, the enduring scent is that of patchouli, ambergris, musk, and vanilla. A fresh, romantic, and masculine scent is now yours for the asking.

And, you can wear it for any occasion. You will stun and stand out.

The Perfume is special and valuable. That is why most buyers don’t bother asking why creed perfume is so expensive. It is clear, the scents determine the value.

However, you don’t want to break your bank to buy a bottle of perfume. Buying this perfume helps you to get great value without using hundreds of dollars.


  • The scent lasts long.
  • Refreshing scent.
  • Authentic fragrance.
  • Suitable for many occasions.


  • Pricey for some customers

2. Armaf Tres Nuit Eau De Toilette Spray (for Men)

Are you looking for a masculine scent that does not ‘burn’ the noses of those around you? Try Armaf tres nuit that has a subtle fresh fragrance.

What makes up this fragrance, you ask. There are top notes of iris, lemon, and lemon verbena. In contrast, the middle notes are violet lavender and spicy. The base notes are sandalwood and ambergris.

You now have in a bottle a fragrance that is not only spicy but also delightful. The lemon scent fills the air around you with freshness. The best part is that the fresh scent dries down into a woody fragrance that soothes your masculinity.

Besides, customer reviews reveal a fuzz that the product is similar to some expensive colognes. Well, this is true in that this is a scent that does not smell cheap. Instead, it is smooth and inviting.

However, you get to smell great, having used a fraction of the money you would have spent on the expensive colognes.

This cologne is appropriate for wearing on any day and occasion. However, you should know what season makes the most out of your cologne. With this Armaf product, you smell all day long like you have just stepped out of the shower.
How does that feel for the hot summer days or end of spring? You will have blissful days. Interesting, isn’t it?


  • Fresh spicy scent.
  • Great price tag.
  • Subtle masculine fragrance.
  • Great packaging.


  • Some people prefer a more overpowering scent.

3.Armaf Club De Nuit Intense (Women)

The House of Armaf has established itself in the fragrance world by producing scents that stand out. Armaf Club de Nuit women cologne cuts what every woman should have for a cologne.

This product has rose, saffron, and geranium top notes. When you first spray it, the immediate scent is like that of a bouquet of fresh flowers.

The middle notes are those of pepper, caraway, nutmeg, and violet. It leaves you wondering who came up with this brilliant idea? The blend of scents is spicy, sweet, and warm.

Besides, the base notes are those of vanilla, agarwood, amber, and patchouli that emit sensuality.

Better still, this cologne speaks volumes of personality. Hence, picture a woman with class, charming, sweet, and spicy.

She is the kind of woman who steps out with a classy look to cheer her favorite team. Definitely, you are that woman!

The best part is that this cologne comes at a reasonable price. Interestingly, it compares closely to products that would cost you hundreds of dollars. Nobody will believe you when you tell them the actual amount of your product.

This cologne is appropriate for use every time and any day. You smell so good that you keep sniffing your hand, no bluffing. However, here’s a precious secret; wear this perfume each time you have an evening out.


  • Charming feminine scent.
  • Affordable.
  • Great longevity.
  • High-quality.


  • A little pricey but worth it.

4. Armaf Le Femme Parfum for Women

We have yet another fantastic cologne for the female folk from the house of Armaf. The name ‘le femme’ translates to ‘the woman’ in English. In addition, it depicts a classy, elegant woman.

As a lady who loves the smell of nature, fruits, and flowers; get this product to complete your mornings. Step out every day, smelling sensual, and feeling bold.

The product has top notes of bergamot, orange, gardenia, and orange. So, at the first spritz, the scent that fills the air is that of fruity sweetness, it’s almost like you can never stop sniffing it!

This scent then moves to floral because the middle notes are saffron, jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley flowers. You sure will make heads turn and attract compliments when you walk around, smelling like a flower garden.

Minutes later, the scent dries down to that of an earthly base made of white musk, vanilla, and patchouli notes.  We got a bottle of the top armaf cologne with a profile that stands out and well balanced—a woman with balance for that matter.

You may wonder, what’s the most appropriate time to wear this cologne? Well, this cologne is not just special occasions’ thing! The light fruity scents make it ideal for everyday use, especially day time. In short, you wear it to work and out for lunch. Either way, you will be stunning!


  • Attracts lots of compliments.
  • Sweet feminine scent.
  • Lasts all day long.
  • Great value for money.


  • Too feminine for males to try.

5. Armaf Derby Club House Blanche (Men)

Derby Club house Blanche comes in a classy box featuring a white bottle with a touch of green color. However, this is not just about the packaging; rather, it gives you a sneak peek at what you are getting.

The product’s top notes are orange, bergamot, and aquatic. Thus, you get a cool but aromatic breeze of the ocean.

Besides, the middle notes are green tea and blackcurrant, giving the fragrance a soothing and calm waft.

Finally, the base notes are galbanum, sandalwood, and musk that give this fragrance a matching earthly scent to make a light, fresh scent.

You probably want to know when to wear this cologne and let its fragrance shine through. Well, choose warmer weather when the sun is shining, but not when it’s too hot.

This cologne is light and crispy and not overpowering in any way.

Lastly, this product provides outstanding quality for a reasonable price tag. However, people tend to confuse this cologne with other expensive colognes just like other Armaf products. Armaf offers high-quality fragrances, with their merit that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Interestingly, though the product is meant for men, it can as well be used by women. So, if you are a couple looking to save money on sprays, we just sorted you right here.


  • A soothing, pleasant scent.
  • Unisex.
  • Good value for money.
  • Has a lasting scent.


  • Masculine scent is an undertone

What Should You Keep in Mind When Getting the Best Armaf Cologne?

The House of Armaf is quite a name in the fragrance world. Therefore, expect no imitations and inauthentic products. However, you need a cologne that suits your style and makes you another satisfied Armaf customer.

How do you determine the most suitable Armaf cologne out of the many available?

a) Consider the Season

It is interesting to note that a cologne’s scent radiates according to the weather. That explains why a product that smells fantastic during the cold season is not what you want for the hot season.

Armaf offers you various fragrances that suit all seasons. Thus, you will have just what you want. For example, Armaf Club House Derby suits spring, whereas Armaf Tres Nuit suits hot summer days.

However, some people would rather stick to one cologne all year. If you are among them, get yourself Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man.

b) Gender

Some women knowingly get cologne that has a label for use by men; the vice versa is right too. There is nothing wrong with that, everybody wants what they want, and they should have just that.

However, musky woody smells tend to be the dominant notes in male cologne, whereas, in female cologne, dominant notes are fruity and floral.

Be attentive to the minute difference; it is a whole different fragrance bottle. It is worth noting that some products have the same names, but for use by different genders. A good example is Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man and Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Woman. You can clearly see the names are similar but the products are different.

So, check if the products are for a male user or female as they are always indicated.

c) Wear Cologne that Matches Your Personality

No two people in the world are the same.  Every person has their style and unique personality. Armaf gives you a hundred plus colognes to choose the one that matches your personality.

Are you the kind of person who lives for nature smells? Go for a cologne with floral, fruity, and earthly scents. Whereas, if you are this person who walks into a place and stops the music, go for colognes with dominant, sharp, and musky scents.

d) The Cost of the Cologne

In the fragrance world, all brands promise the perfect cologne, but is that true? If it were, nobody would have trouble finding the signature scent. But these promises make all products have a high price tag. It is unfortunate!

However, you need to know a great perfume need not cost you a chunk of money, neither should it be too cheap.  Too cheap means you likely to pay for a fake product. However, Armaf cologne comes at a reasonable price and still compares closely with costly brands.

e) Skin Type

Have you bought a product that your friend uses and strangely, it’s different for you? You think it is a fake scent that you should toss away.  You are wrong. It happens.

It is your skin type that is causing you all the troubles.

Oily skin tends to have the scent for a longer time, and it is much more intense. As such, purchase a fragrance that has a subtle scent of nature smells. How about you try Armaf le femme?

On the other hand, dry skin requires a scent that is heavier, so it lasts longer on the skin. Thus, choose a cologne with woody scents.


Having a grooming routine that does not include a spritz of cologne is okay for some people. You may have considered such at some point too. However, a unique scent introduces you before you even speak.

You express your personality and get an instant boost of confidence. Don’t even mention the compliments that comes along with wearing the right cologne.

You need the best Armaf cologne. You will be choosing quality, unique, pleasant products that last as long as you need them to. What more would you ask, for a cologne?

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