Best Axe Body Spray: Reviews and Buyers’ Guide 2023

Using perfumes and fragrances is as old as humanity. Today we get our favorite blend of scent in a can! Are you looking for a signature fragrance? Perhaps your current product just does not cut it. Save yourself the trouble of sampling all brands and fragrances and settle for Axe body spray.

What do you get in it? First, you get a quality and unique scent, just like you do when you buy hugo boss cologne. Plus, you have a wide array of scents to consider. The scents are either floral, spicy, fruity, or earthly. Amazingly, the product comes with a fair price tag.

Thus, you have no reason as to why you should not grab one magical scent.

Here are reviews of the 5 best Axe body spray that is worth buying.

1. AXE Antiperspirant Stick: The Phoenix Twin Pack

The AXE Antiperspirant Stick, Phoenix Twin Pack, tops our list of the best axe body spray. It is a popular product that does an excellent job as an antiperspirant.

Again, the product has 24-hour protection from wetness caused by sweating. In addition, it keeps you odor-free. What could be better than feeling confident from when you start your day to when you end it?

Besides, this is a value pack that gives you two antiperspirant sticks. Having this product in two packs is a plus. Why? You can gift one to a loved one. Alternatively, when the first runs out, you take that as a cue to get yourself another pack.

Here’s something else that grabbed our attention; the product has sweet scents of citrus, lavender, coumarone, and geranium. More so, the base is that of musk. The unique fragrance is a delicate blend of fruit and wood. The end product is an amazing manly smell.

The product comes with a can that features a black body and a blue lid.

What is the proper way to use it?
Apply a few strokes of this product on your armpits only, wait for it to dry, and dress up for a confident day ahead.


  • Leaves no residue.
  • Pleasant masculine smell.
  • Value pack, thus easy on your budget.
  • The effect lasts long even in extreme situations.


  • Some people develop a rash.

2.  AXE Dark Temptation Body Spray Deodorant 

Axe dark 4 oz., temptation body spray is a deodorant for men. This deodorant is known for the ideal axe effect. Like the name “dark temptation” suggests, this fragrance spells nothing but manly confidence.

Just how is this quality fragrance achieved? It is the combination of scents of peppercorn and hot chocolate amber. That is to say; you get a hot spice with a fresh aroma. Genius, isn’t it?

What’s more, you enjoy a unique wild aroma that makes heads turn. Additionally, this deodorant’s formula ensures you smell great all day long.

Each can feature 4 ounces of spray. The color of the can, on the other hand, is black. The top cap with a nozzle opens by twisting to release the body spray. Moreover, the twist top locks in well. So, no worries of spillage while traveling.

How do you use this product? Hold the can six inches from your body. Next, twist the cap and press the nozzle. Then, spray on your body. It is worth noting that the product can be flammable when not completely dry. Thus, keep off fire sources and don’t store the can in places that are above 50 degrees Celsius.


  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Delightful aroma.
  • The spray dries quite quickly.
  • The nozzle sprays evenly without drips.
  • The scent lasts long.
  • Can be carried in a bag without a spill.


  • Doesn’t prevent sweating.

3. Axe Deodorant Stick

Axe Deodorant Stick, Black Chill 3 Oz, is especially popular due to its freshness that lasts all day long. Additionally, you stay dry on the armpits even when the weather is hot.

Interestingly, the product is a delicate balance of a fresh scent of citrus. Think of fresh oranges, limes, or lemons. Further, there is a hint of sandalwood, cedar, and mint scents.

If you love buying perfume makers kit to save money, it would not be important anymore if you buy this spray. Why? The scent of this spray lasts longer and oozes confidence. As such, it would end up saving you more time and money than when you use a kit to make one at home.

This product is aluminum-free thus suitable for people with kidney problems. This is because their kidneys are unable to filter out the excess aluminum absorbed into the body from the deodorants with aluminum.

Even so, only apply the spray on your armpits. The can comes in black color with a grey top and blue writings. To use, twist the top to open and apply on dry, clean underarms.


  • Affordable.
  • Has no aluminum component.
  • Has a pleasant subtle scent.
  • Does not stain clothes.
  • Lasts long.


  • Some customers report skin irritation.

4. Axe Anarchy for Her Deodorant Spray

Though Axe is a brand that focuses on male body sprays and fragrances, women too have their share. The wait was long, we know! But finally, women can now enjoy the enchanting scents of Axe too.

Axe Anarchy for Her Deodorant Spray was the first, axe body spray for women. Besides, there is a perfect blend of sandalwood, vanilla, and amber in it. Also, there is a touch of fruit fragrances of blackberry and apple that completes this craft. The end product? A sweet scent right from the first sniff!

Axe Anarchy for Her Deodorant has a soft and sweet scent. It attracts compliments and leaves a great impression wherever you go. Hence, the product comes in handy any time and every time regardless of your profession. What do you think; shouldn’t a lady smell and feel good?

Moreover, you never miss out on the fun of summer outdoor fun activities because you don’t want to get all sweaty and smell bad.

Just wear the best bra for sloping shoulders and get a touch of the Axe Anarchy for Her Deodorant Spray, before walking out!

This product comes in six 1-ounce cans. Unlike most cans, this one has a pink color with a black lid. To use, twist the cap, press the nozzle then spray on your body. Remember to hold the can away from you as you spray.


  • Bulk-buying gives you a better deal.
  • Has an excellent feminine scent.
  • A subtle scent.
  • The nozzle allows even spraying.


  • May cause skin burns to some

5. AXE Body Spray Deodorant Apollo 150 Ml

We couldn’t end this review without a mention of the Axe Body Spray Deodorant Apollo. It is a classy product with a bold scent.

Most body sprays are blended aromas. Nevertheless, this product is a definition of craft. A delicate balance of scents produces the perfect smell.

Besides, there is a dose of green fruits and fresh sage. More so, there are lavender and geranium notes. Lastly, there is an abundant dose of amber, sandalwood, and moss. The end product is a body spray that speaks of youth and masculinity.

What’s more? The classy body spray protects you from sweat odor all day long. Thus, it lets you enjoy your day feeling confident and smelling like a man. You are sure to make heads turn too. Moreover, this body spray is ideal for sports and gym.

When you order this product, you get six, 5 Oz cans, all black.

How do you use it?

Twist the top and press the nozzle. Of course, the can must be away from your body. Here is the coolest part; this product acts as a deodorant as well as an antiperspirant.

As such, you can spray it across your chest and neck or on your armpits.


  • Leaves no stains.
  • Has a scent that lasts all day long.
  • Gives a warm and fresh fragrance.
  • You don’t need an antiperspirant to go along with.
  • Lasts a long time due to bulk buying.


  • May be pricey for some.

To Buy the Best Axe Body Spray, What Should You Consider?

When you choose Axe, you have, without a doubt, selected a top brand.  However, it does not end there. You need to know what you are looking for in a wide array of personal care products available. Otherwise, the diverse scents may end up confusing you.
So, here’s how to go about choosing axe body spray for yourself, friend, spouse, or fiancée. Or, your parents or children.

a) Choose the Scent you Desire

There are more than a dozen axe body sprays. However, each has a unique scent. Do you want a spicy, floral, or musky fragrance? It is all about the can you choose. For example, while the Axe Apollo spray has a musky scent, Axe Anarchy has a fruity sweet scent.

b) Decide between Antiperspirant Or Deodorant

Remember, an antiperspirant is a product that ensures you do not sweat. It covers the sweat glands thus keeping your skin dry. Plus, it eliminates sweat stains from your clothes. In other words, it stops the sweat at its source.

Deodorant, on the other hand, does not prevent you from sweating. Yet, its fragrance masks the odor that comes from sweating.

Choose according to your needs and preference; make sure that the body spray can read the words ‘deodorant’ or ‘antiperspirant’ to avoid disappointment.

c) What Is Your Budget?

Different brands have different price tags.

While there are cheaper options out there, Axe brands are a high-quality substitute for a much lesser amount of money.

In addition, among the diverse axe body spray options; there is always one that you can afford. Go for it as long as it doesn’t pose any health challenges.

d) Consider Skin Safety Measures

Have you used a product that a friend uses, but it hurts your skin? Well, different people have different experiences with the same product. That’s why; the Axe brand has a variety of body sprays. So, find out which one works for you.

How do I do this yet I cannot test the product to know the ideal axe body spray before buying?

You wonder!

Here’s what to do. Look at the ingredients to identify those that can trigger an allergic reaction. By so doing, you minimize the possibility of getting rashes and skin irritation, or even burns.


In summary, body sprays are a vital part of daily grooming routines. Sweating is a natural body function, but there is no reason to walk around with a foul odor.

Body odors shutter your confidence. You don’t want anybody to stand next to you; you can’t even lift your hand because of a sweaty, wet underarm.

The Axe brand has, therefore, put its dedication to producing different quality fragrances. These scents save you from not only walking around all smelly but also boost your confidence and admiration. Grab one or more of the best axe body spray from the wide range available.

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