Best Diaper Pail for Cloth Diapers to Purchase in 2022

Looking for the best diaper pail for cloth diapers?

Definitely, we know that one of the major concerns every new mother has is the hygiene of her baby. As such, they worry about the disposal of used diapers. Also, most mothers want to ensure that there is no odor after changing their babies’ used diapers. That’s why; the need to have the best diaper pails is a priority for most mothers.

Still, since most children are active, the least a mother wants is to struggle opening the diaper pail lid. It is for that reason that each mother wants a stress-free diaper pail. This is to ensure that they spend the least effort when disposing of the soiled diapers, while still ensuring the hygiene of their kids.

This explains why it is a good idea to spend your money on diaper pails that conceal the odor, have a pedal, and are of top-quality material.

Best Diaper Pail for Cloth Diapers Reviews


Akord Slim is the best diaper pail for cloth diapers because it features a disposal system that helps locks in odor. As a result, this diaper pail can be used in homes.

That’s not all. With this adult diaper pail, you don’t have to use your hands to open the lid.

It’s a hand’s free pail. In other words, you just step on the pedal and throw the diapers once the lid opens.

In addition, its opening is large; thus, allowing adult-sized diapers to go through easily. Regardless of the color of your home, this diaper pail is a good choice because its color blends well with all colors.

Another amazing feature that makes the Akord slim adult the best diaper pails is the pre-installed liner. What that means is; once you purchase, you start using it immediately without having to spend more money on a liner.

That is definitely a good feature. Again, there is no installation needed. This diaper pail has a capacity of 288 per liner and 24 per load.



  • Can be used as a trashcan, too.
  • Each refill is scented with powder-fresh
  • Has a large capacity that prevents frequent emptying
  • It has a double seal lid
  • Its white color blends well with all colors
  • Lasts long due to the non-porous and ABS construction surface
  • Latex-free; thus safe to use
  • Refills are made from super-strong film


  • It is slightly expensive due to its high-quality

2. Ubbi Steel Odor Locking Diaper Pail

Since Ubbi steel odor locking pails are made of steel, there’s no way they will absorb odors. That explains why they are the best diaper pails to consider purchasing. More so, the lid has a rubber seal. Definitely, that keeps the odor inside the diaper pail; hence reserving the fresh air in your home.

What’s more? This pail holds up to 50 diapers.  Interestingly, you won’t have to buy any special bags. Let’s explain why.

You can use any available cloth pail liners. Alternatively, you can use regular trash bags. This explains why this is the best diaper pail cloth for cloth diapers for people who have trouble accessing specific cloth diaper liners.

More so, the fact that there is no definite liner bag to use means that there are no unnecessary costs, which you may incur through the purchase of the special ones.

The childproof lock is another awesome feature of Ubbi steel odor locking diaper pails. This feature ensures that your kid is safe since they cannot find their way into the inside of this pail.

There’s no installation required after purchase and the pail is easy to use.

Additionally, these are the best diaper pails for people who love to match the colors in their homes. This is because they come in multiple colors which means you can chose your favorite pail color.


  • Comes with a sliding lid that controls disruption of air due to odors
  • Variety of colors to choose from to match your home décor
  • The lid uses a slow-closing system to enhance child safety
  • Has a large storage capacity


  • You must use the hand to open the lid

3. Creative Baby Tidy Diaper Pail

Due to its large capacity, baby trend diaper deluxe are some of the best diaper pails you should consider buying. You see, it is stress-free to use and its lid rotates; thus, making it possible to throw it in the diapers.

Plus, it uses any type of trash bag to control the odor.

The major advantage of these bags is to eliminate direct contact of the diapers with the pails.
As a result, you can clean it effortlessly.

Do also remember that it is a perfect selection for those looking for diaper pails that match their modern home.

We considered the baby trend as the best diaper pail for cloth diapers for those mothers who may not afford the Akord slim.

Thanks to its piston system that helps push the diapers inside the pail.

That’s why the odor remains well contained in the pail.




  • Has a large capacity
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Excellent odor control
  • Can do with any bag
  • Single hand use only when opening


  • No pedal; must use hand

4. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

As the name implies, you only need to step on the pedal to have the lid open and throw your dirty diaper in.

More interestingly is that this pail has an odor-busting duo of scented lavender baking soda and a self-sealing system. The ability to seal itself helps to seal the odor.

How? It tightly twists the refill as the lid closes.

This proves to be among the best diaper pails that come with such a unique feature.

With all these great features, the munchkin step diaper pails are quite affordable due to their low prices.

Once you buy this pail, you may use any type of disposable bag.

In addition, your child is safe when using this pail because it features a child-lock system.

This system is found under the lid.




  • Features a step and throw feature due to the presence of the pedal
  • The low cost makes them affordable
  • Features a self-sealing technology
  • Lavender scented; thus, keeps off odor
  • Has a classic design
  • Safe for children due to child-lock system


  • The self-sealing technology may make it difficult to empty the pail

5. Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Looking for a rust-free diaper pail? Well, Dekor classic is the best diaper pail for cloth diapers since it is rust-free. This is because it is made of ABS plastic. Though it isn’t specifically designed for cloth diapers; dekor classic hands-free diaper pail can still store dirty diapers.

best diaper pail for cloth diapers

One good thing is that whatever the model of reusable diaper cloth pail liners you may have; it will still work well with this pail. What’s more? You can easily empty the pail due to the lateral door that it features. Moreover, you won’t worry about your kid’s hands being trapped by the pail lid. Why?

The pail is pet and child-proof.

In addition, you can take a rest away from your laundry for two days. This is because the pail can hold 2-day’s soiled diapers.

Still, this is one of those best diaper pails that need not use your hands when opening the lid. Why? The existence of a pedal makes it easy to throw the soiled diapers in the pail. Interestingly, you will not have to throw away this pail once your kids grow up. See, you can convert it to a trash can. Definitely, that’s money back, right?

The rubber seal, which is available on the lid, keeps the odor well contained inside the pail. Again, you don’t have to worry about installation because it comes fully assembled.

If white is not your color, don’t worry. There are two colors to choose from when buying dekor classic hands free diaper pail.

Unfortunately, since this diaper pail is not specifically made for cloth diapers; it is most suitable for new born-size diapers. Let’s explain why. Its top-opening is quite small; thus, not suitable for adult diapers.


  • Can be used as a trash can
  • Fully assembled
  • Features a triple odor prevention system
  • Available in two colors (gray and white)
  • One foot on the pedal opens the lid


  • Has a small opening which may not be suitable for large-size diapers

6. Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Just as the name is, this is a hands-free diaper pail. That means that the foot will do the work. How? By stepping on the pail’s pedal, the lid opens; thus, giving you the chance to throw the soiled diapers inside. This way; you end up boosting your hygiene and the health of your baby. Definitely, that is a priority.

best diaper pail for cloth diapers

Did you know that dekor plus hands-free has a triple odor control that makes it the best diaper pail for cloth diapers, yet it is not overpriced? Furthermore, the manufacturing company has done all the assembling, thus, making it possible for you to use it as soon as you get it.

This, too, just like dekor classic, acts as a trash can once the diapering days are complete.

You can have up to 46 diapers before you start thinking of the next laundry. One of the features that make the dekor plus to be among the best diaper pails is the fact that you can use any detergent to clean without it worrying about its quality getting compromised. This is so because of its ABS plastic material that is resistant to scratch.

However, you must use dekor plus liner refills. Unfortunately, you have to separately pay for them. But there’s something good about this product; it has a liner cut that is professionally built-in and located at the access door. As a result, the process of refilling the liner is stress-free.


  • Comes ready for use-no assembly
  • Can take up to 46 soiled-diapers
  • Refill linear is continuous
  • Resistance to scratch
  • Locks odor effectively through the triple seal
  • Has a pedal; thus, hygienically optimized
  • Comes in three colors- Soft-blue, grey, and off-white


  • Must buy refill liners separately

7. Munchkin Toss Portable Disposable Diaper Pail

If you are wondering which is the best diaper pail for cloth diapers that is affordable and of high-quality then, here is one.

What’s more, if you are that one person who wants to use your diaper pail anywhere, here’s a perfect one for you. Why? It is not only portable but compact.

best diaper pail for cloth diapers

Plus, the fact that it is foldable also means that you can use it in a small room.
That’s why it is possible to use it in the garage, your car, or at home. All you need to do is expand your pail, throw in the diapers, and toss the pail if full.

That’s fantastic, right?

Furthermore, if you have a new-born, you can throw up to 30 diapers in this pail.

Not only that, but this pail has 5-packs of disposable diaper pails that are freestanding.

Remember the main reason for buying the best pail for cloth diapers? To control odor, right?

Munchin portable is one of those best diaper pails that won’t let you down.


  • It is foldable and compact
  • It’s portable
  • Not expensive; thus, suitable for a small budget
  • Features a re-sealable lid
  • Keeps odor trapped inside the pail


  • Not suitable for large-sized diapers.

8. Dekor Mini Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Definitely, here’s another hands-free diaper. So, just forget about squishing or twisting. Standing upright and having your foot on the pail’s pedal will do the magic of opening the lid, while you drop in the diapers into the pail.

best diaper pail for cloth diapers

Dekor mini has a width of 10”, a depth of 7¼”, and a height of 17¼”. Its measurements can explain why it is called a mini dekor. Now, since it is a mini diaper, it can only hold up to 25 diapers.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for the best diaper pail for cloth diapers that usable in the bathroom then, look no further; dekor mini is just perfect. Also, in case you are looking for the best diaper pails usable by grandparents, this is a great choice.

But that is not all you get in the dekor mini; you can as well use it as a trash can. Talking of the odors, dekor mini doesn’t absorb odors since it is made of ABS plastic (closed-cell), which works like metal.

How about its color? Dekor mini is only available in one color; white. We don’t think that is a con because white can blend with all other colors, right?

Like other pails we have reviewed here; this pail is usually assembled. In addition, there’s a full-size refill that is pre-installed.


  • Completely assembled
  • Comes with 1 pre-installed refill
  • Converts into a trashcan
  • Seals odor


  • Not appropriate for adult-sized diapers

9. Bubula JR Steel Diaper Pail

Tired of buying special trash bags for your current diaper pail and wants to replace it with one that can use any regular diaper pail liners? Worry not and search no more! Here is one of the best diaper pails that will give exactly what you are looking for.

best diaper pail for cloth diapers

Did we say that it is made of aluminum and steel? Plus, there’s a strong rubber seal on the lid. Maybe we should explain what that means, right? That means that it doesn’t absorb odors. Again, it completely seals all the odors.

There’s one unique feature in this product that we didn’t see in all the other diaper pails; it has an anti-slip bottom. So, it won’t scratch the wooden floors neither will it tip over. We bet that is a great feature for you.

Additionally, there’s a child-proof lock. As such, you won’t have to worry about your kid’s safety. One major drawback of Bubula Jr steel diaper is that it has no pedal. So, you’ll have to use one of your hands to open the lid. The reason we included it in the list of the best diaper pail for cloth diapers is that it has a large capacity, which is what most mothers want.

This product comes in two colors-gray and white.


  • Won’t scratch your wooden floor or accidentally tip over
  • High-quality material- steel and aluminium
  • Safe for your child due to child-proof lock
  • No special liners required
  • Usable as a trash can


  • Has no pedal

10. Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

You definitely have to do a little bending when throwing in the dirty diapers into this pail.


best diaper pail for cloth diapers

It has no pedal; thus, you must use your hand to open the lid. However, there is something we loved about this pail; there are no special pail liners required.

You can, therefore, use a plastic bag or any affordable standard liners.
Definitely, that makes the safety 1st easy saver the best diaper pails that are economical.

Why safe?

They are 100% made of plastic.

Though this is not one of the best in terms of controlling odor, it comes with a deodorizer disc that helps freshen the air; thus, reducing bad odor.

Nonetheless, a replacement disc has to be bought separately.


  • There’s no need to buy special liners
  • It’s economical
  • Easy to open with one hand


  • Doesn’t fully control odor
  • No pedal available

What to Look For In the Best Diaper Pail for Cloth Diapers

Choosing the best diaper pail for cloth diapers can be tricky, especially if you do not know that there are pails suitable for disposable diapers, while others are good for cloth diapers. Even so, you should also know that several factors determine the best diaper pails.

If you do not know these factors, chances are that you will buy a poor quality that will make your life in the house difficult as you try to cope with odor from used diapers

You don’t want that to happen. So, here’s what to look out for.

1. Ability to prevent odor

The best diaper pail for cloth diapers does solve the problem of odor. This is why the ability to prevent odor is the first feature on our list.

So, when buying a diaper pail, ensure that it features an effective odor locking system.

You should note that the material of the diaper pail contributes a lot in matters regarding the odor. This is what we are saying; with time, plastic diaper pails may absorb the odor; thus, making the house stink.

Most people, therefore, prefer using steel diaper pails.

However, most diaper pails have filters for preventing odor. As result, no one will know that there are some dirty diapers in the house. Still, you may buy one that features locking discs. Otherwise, one that has baking soda pucks that are scented is also good.

2. Diaper pail capacity

The capacity of your pail directly affects the number of times you will do laundry in a week. Why? If your diaper pail gets full every day, you must do washing every day to avoid bad odor in the house, right?

Therefore, if you are not ready to do laundry on a daily basis so as to spend a good time with your baby, consider ordering a large capacity diaper pail so that it can accommodate many cloth diapers.

That helps you rest for a couple of days before the next laundry.

3. Ability to open easily

Trust me, if there is anything you need to consider when buying the best diaper pail for cloth diapers is the ease to open the lid. This mostly is the case if you have an active child who will walk away within seconds; thus, messing up the bed.

In such cases, especially if you are concerned about the baby falling from the bed; you may need to hold your kid while you struggle to dispose the diaper. Not worth it.

So, it is a good idea to buy a step and drop diaper pail. It saves you the trouble of using the hand to open the lid. That, of course, comes with additional benefits; hygiene.

In addition, it is by far easier to use and manage. Nonetheless, you may also consider buying one that needs you to use one hand. However, ensure that the lid is not extremely heavy; thus, easy to manage.

4. Ease of bag-changing Process

As a mother, you know how tedious it can be to change the baby’s diapers mostly if you have a disabled kid. That means you need to save every second of the available time to give full attention to the baby and take care of other cores when they sleep.

That being said; ensure that you buy a diaper that doesn’t cost you lots of time when changing the bag.  That should be a bag that you can tear easily from the rest of the liner and knot it before throwing it away to the laundry.

As a result, you won’t get tired or waste needless time on the bag-changing task.

Over to you

In this best diaper pail for cloth diapers reviews, we have not decided for you the best diaper pail to go for. Why?

We understand that the features you are looking for determine the best diaper pail to buy.  Therefore, decided to give you all the features the best diaper pails have so that you decide the one to purchase depending on your needs and financial status.

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