Best Dish Soap for Baby Bottles in 2023: Top 7 Picks

Every new mother and mother to be will sincerely tell you that when they were buying all the necessities for the incoming baby, they never thought about the dish soap for baby bottles!

They were either concerned about the toys, socks, nursing bras, diaper pails, and any other thing that concerns the newborn baby but not dish soap for baby bottles.

The truth, however, is that the baby bottle needs to be cleaned well if you really are concerned with the hygiene and health of your newborn. Even so, you don’t just use any soap you find on the shop counters. No, some soaps could cause serious health issues to your baby, especially if you do not rinse the bottle thoroughly.

So, which is the best dish soap for baby bottles?

Best Dish Soap for Baby Bottles Review: Top 7 Picks

1. Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap 

First, before you think about the price, consider how safe the ingredients used to manufacture the soap are to your baby. Ingredients such as synthetic fragrances, phosphates, dyes, and phthalates should not be used in making the soap. Thanks to Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap, it does not contain these harmful ingredients. As such, it is safe to buy.

Still, since these ingredients are not present in the dish soap, the product will not cause any harm to your skin while you wash the bottle. That’s why the Dermatologist approved it.

How fast is it to rinse the baby bottle after washing with this soap? You ask.

Well, this soap is easy to rinse. As such, if you have a source of water with a good water flow, it will take just a couple of seconds to rinse.


There will be no residues on the bottle.

No wonder this is the best dish soap for baby bottles on our list. However, keep it out of reach of children since when taken, it causes health issues if you do not seek medical attention quickly.


  • No residues left
  • Causes no allergic effects to the skin
  • Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
  • Approved Dermatologist


  • The scented version may contain harmful ingredients

2. Foaming Organic Baby Dish Soap

Whether you are looking for dish soap for baby bottles or for cleaning all dishes in your home, Foaming Organic Baby Dish Soap serves both purposes.  Why? It is meant to clean all types of dishes in your kitchen.

If you did not like our first product due to the scent (if you have the scented version), then here is your product. This is because there is no scent added.

Since the dish soap has the Environmental Working Group (EWG) mark, you are certain that it is healthy for use in your home. In other words, there are no health concerns related to this dish soap. What’s more? The soap is non-GMO (non-genetically modified).

Also, ingredients such as paraben, synthetic fragrances, soy, artificial ingredients, phthalate, or sulfate are not added to this soap.

Therefore, there are no health issues reported after using it.

If you have sensitive skin, no need to worry.

This soap will have no negative impacts. If anything, it will leave your hands clean, too, after washing the baby bottle.

The soap leaves no residues after rinsing. Thus, good for an infant’s dishes.


  • Good for sensitive skins
  • Not scented
  • Easy to rinse
  • Non-genetically modified
  • Has the Environmental working group (EWG) mark


  • Not a good choice for lovers of scented products.

3. Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Made of recycled plastic bottles, Dr. Bronner’s is another best dish soap for baby bottles. Here’s why.

The product is made of organic oils. Also, the ingredients used are fair trade certified. To be precise, more than 70 percent of the ingredients used during manufacturing are fair trade certified, while 90 are organic ingredients.

That is to say that the product is eco-friendly.

Are you looking for multi-purpose dish soap? We got you covered.

You can use this dish soap to clean the baby’s bottles, wash your pests, laundry, and other house cleaning duties. In comparison to other soaps, this detergent is 3 times more concentrated.

What that means is that you will use less soap in much water. Definitely, that also means the soap lasts longer than most other dish soaps.

However, if you use lots of detergent in little water, you will definitely have to use plenty of water to rinse the bottle.

So, just use enough.

Fortunately, it is not expensive like one would imagine. Plus, it is non-allergic to the hands (skin).


  • Lasts long
  • More concentrated
  • Bottle is recyclable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe to the skin


  • If much is used, there is a need to use lots of water to rinse it out.

4. Berkley Green Baby Natural Non -Toxic Dish & Bottle Soap (liquid)

Looking for the best dish soap to remove grease and breast milk stains? Here’s an effective product that you won’t regret buying.

The product is a plant-based formula that is effective in cleaning without leaving soap residues in the bottle.

Why did we love this product? First, most customers loved it. We could tell that by the numerous positive reviews we saw.

Additionally, it is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified.

Thus, enough prove that health-wise, it is safe.

Though the product is not tested on animals, it is not cruel to you.

We can ascertain this because it is Hypo-Allergenic.

Therefore, it will cause no allergic reactions to you.

Altogether, there are 16.5 ounces in the bottle. That is quite much, right?

So, whether you want to use the soap for cleaning the baby’s teething toys, bottles, or pacifiers, this is a great choice since it is easy to rinse.


  • Fast to rinse off the soap
  • Hypo allergic thus causes no skin irritation
  • Certified by the EPA
  • Comes in three packs
  • Removes stains on baby dishes fast
  • Has a good scent


  • Some mums say the smell stays on the hands for long

5. Puracy Natural Baby Dish Soap

Keep your baby’s bottle clean all the time after use by using Puracy Natural Baby Dish Soap. We are not hesitant to say that this, too, is among the top dish soaps for baby bottles for any mama willing to protect her baby from infections caused by dirty dishes.


When you use it, it doesn’t cause skin irritations to you. Reason?

There are no dangerous chemicals used during its manufacture. Just to be precise, chemicals such as dyes, sulfates, parabens, caustic, petrochemicals, toxins, triclosan, animal by-products, and gluten, which could have adverse effects on your skin, are not available in this product.

Additionally, perfumes that could leave the baby’s bottle with irritating scents are not added.

As such, even if your baby has asthma, you will not have to worry about them becoming allergic to the bottle after washing.

That is not all. After using this dish soap, you will have an easy time cleaning as the soap doesn’t form a foam, which could be difficult to rinse. Plus, there are no soap residues after rinsing.


  • Not allergic to the hands
  • Leaves no scents in the dishes
  • No toxic ingredients added
  • Easy to rinse
  • Removes hard to clean milk residues


  • The bottle does not have a seal

6. Frosch Baby Natural Liquid Dish Soap

Here’s another dish soap that contains no scents, borate, halogen organic compounds, phosphates, and dyes. Plus, the product is an exclusively vegan formula. Besides, it causes no harm to your hands. Because of the presence of provitamin B5, this dish soap cleans all food, juices, and milk residues from the baby bottles effectively.

You can, therefore, use it to clean pacifiers, baby dishes, toys as well as bottles.

Amazingly, it is stress-free to rinse.

While there are many fake products today, the manufacturer of Frosch Baby Natural Liquid Dish Soap is EU certified.

That is to say; the product meets the regulatory obligations thus, it is of high-quality.


  • Trouble-free to rinse
  • Not harmful to the skin
  • Contains no scents
  • Doesn’t leave residues in the baby bottles


  • Some clients say it is watery

7. Premium Natural Baby Bottle Liquid Dish Soap

Don’t worry anymore about dish soap residues in the baby bottles after washing. Why?

This soap dish by Elysium Eco World (TM) leaves no soap residues. Thus, it will have no adverse reactions to the baby.

Plus, the soap is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, SLS as well as alcohol. Did we also mention that it is so easy to measure the right quantity per single-use when you buy this soap?

Well, you should know. This is because the bottle has an ergonomic pump. Moreover, you can recycle this bottle once the soap is all used up. If this is not money-back, what is it?

What’s more? It is trouble-free to rinse. In just a few seconds, you are done.

Not only does Premium Natural Baby Bottle Liquid Dish Soap cleans effectively, but it also disinfects the dishes. Hence, you can use it on baby bottles, cups, and other dishes without worrying about their health safety as well as yours.

Why yours?

The soap causes no irritations on your skin during and after use.

Since it has a seal on the bottle, soap doesn’t pour. Thus, it can be good for mama’s who love outing.


  • Gentle to your hands
  • Disinfects the baby bottles
  • Fast to rinse
  • The lid has a seal
  • Features an ergonomic pump
  • Recyclable bottle


  • Scents may be too strong for some buyers

Buying the Best Dish Soap for Baby Bottles? Features to Consider

a. Ingredients

Like we have mentioned, the health of your baby is paramount. In this case, we are not only focusing on the cleanliness of the baby bottles but also the ingredients used to make the dish soap. Why?

Toxic ingredients will definitely cause health issues or even kill your baby.

So, don’t purchase baby dish soap before confirming if all its ingredients are toxic-free.

Such dish soap is usually made of natural ingredients.

Otherwise, if made of petroleum products, you can be sure that there will be some residues even after thoroughly rinsing the bottle.

Apart from leaving residues, toxic chemicals also have the potential of causing skin irritations. Thus, the way to avoid this is by buying hypoallergic soaps.

b. Fragrance

Mothers are different in that some want dish soaps that have scents in them while others dislike them or have allergic reactions.

As such, we may not really tell you not to buy dish soaps that are scented or those that are not. It all depends on your preferences. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that soap dishes that have strong scents may be difficult to rinse thoroughly.

As such, there are possible chances of causing respiratory difficulties to the baby. We all know that respiratory problems are some of the leading causes of death in infants, right? Therefore, stay safe and avoid dish soaps that have strong scents.

c. Ease of Rinsing

How easy is it to rinse the baby bottle? You see, if it takes a lot of time to rinse the dish soap, chances are that there will be soap residues. Note that when there are soap residues in the bottle, any time you add a hot liquid, the residues will melt and get into the milk or water.

The consequences? The residues get into the baby’s bloodstream, thus causing health issues. Knowing so well that these residues could be toxic, they could cause growth, cancer, and other chronic diseases years later when the baby is all grown.

d. Ease of Usage

While most people don’t think of ease of usage when purchasing the best dish soap, neglecting this feature can cost you a lot in the long last. Here’s why.

Consider you have bought dish soap that is difficult to control how much flows from it. Maybe, soap flows too fast, and before you know it, there is too much soap in the baby bottle. Won’t you have to buy another dish soap sooner than you ought to?

Now you know why ease of use is crucial. So, how do you ensure that it is easy to use the dish soap? Simple! If the dish soap has no pump, you will have to take the trouble of controlling the amount you use.

e. Quantity

How many children do you have? How frequently do you use or want to use the dish soap? Answering these questions should help you determine the right quantity to buy. See, anytime you ship a product, you will have to incur its cost, right?

Therefore, avoiding lots of shipping is the trick here. If you have many kids or use lots of dish soap in a month, why not buy a large quantity that will last long?

Alternatively, buy dish soaps that come in 3-5 packs.

Parting Shot

Choose from our top picks today and buy the best dish soap for baby bottles.

According to our research, Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap is the best of them all. However, since it has no pump, we would give a second option, which is Premium Natural Baby Bottle Liquid Dish Soap.

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