Bob Stroller Comparison: Which is The Best Model for You?

Most mothers think it is impossible to go to the market or take an evening walk if they have small children. It is even worse when there are twins to take care of. Here’s some good news. If you buy an excellent bob stroller; you can go anywhere with your baby as you achieve any fitness goals you have.

However, the market is flooded with various bob stroller models. We, therefore, decided to make a bob stroller comparison review to get a list of the best strollers.

In addition, whether you are looking for a comfy stroller with ample storage, great parking brakes, lightweight and with a canopy, a single or double seater, we got all that in our list.

The History of Bob Strollers

Bob means, “Beast of Burden”. In 1994 airline Mechanic Novotny Philip and Malinowski Roger who hail from San Luis Obispo built a handy bike trailer. They called it a YAK. Since they loved the design of YAK, they wanted to also build a stroller that would be of help to them.

So, they started by building a sport utility stroller. Since this first stroller was a success, they decided to build a Duallie double stroller. That was now in 2001.

In 2005, they made a great achievement. That is, they released the swiveling front wheel. With these wheels, the bob strollers became much more efficient to use due to the ability of steering easily. However, in 2011, a company known as Britax bought BOB gear. Britax deals with strollers, accessories, and car seats.

Since the quality of Bob strollers was high, Britax decided to maintain it hence, the strollers have been in the market ever since. In fact, all Britax worked on is expansion of the strollers’ market which made the product more popular worldwide.

Best Bob Stroller Comparison Reviews: Our Top Picks

BOB Blaze Jogging Stroller

Are you a parent looking at the Bob stroller comparison list to know the best stroller fit for your new born baby? Well, we have one right here.

BOB Blaze Jogging Stroller is suitable for any baby weighing 75 pounds. This stroller is good for 1 to 60-days old (2 months) baby. The baby’s height should not exceed 44 inches.

bob stroller comparison

Bob Blaze offers great stability. This is possible due to its large front wheels. The air-filled tires measures 16 inches. This stroller measures 49 by 24 by 43, all in inches. The handlebar can be adjusted up to 9 different positions.

Talking of its motion, it features a range of 180˚. That is to say; your height as a parent doesn’t matter. All you need to do is set the right position and you are all set for jogging.

Need to carry a bottle of water for yourself and the baby? No trouble, you can carry some water since there are two bottle holders on the stroller. In addition, there’s a top cargo that is quite large and has a strong zip.

Still, there are 5 more pockets that you could use to carry anything you want for the sake of the baby.

If you have a Bob infant Car Seat Adapter, you can use it with the Bob Infant car Seat or any other available Britax models.

What we loved

  • Offers great stability
  • Padded Handlebar is easy to adjust
  • Features a hand brake
  • Easy to control when jogging down the hills
  • Several large storage baskets with zips
  • Features aluminum alloy tires

What we didn’t like

  • You buy the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapters separately
  • Unsuitable for tall kids

BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller

The next stroller we will recommend in this Bob stroller comparison review is the Bob Revolution Flex. Why? It’s quite easy to maneuver and push along.

Any active jogging parent around? Here’s a perfect stroller for you. Why? It has large wheels which offer maximum comfort to your kid while you are jogging. Plus, the tires are suitable for all terrains.

bob stroller comparison

In addition, these tires are large. Nonetheless, looking at the Bob stroller comparison reviews, we noticed several buyers were not pleased with the large tires due to ease of storage.

The other thing we noted from this stroller is that it gets bulky when folded. That makes it challenging to store in a small area. Plus, though its fabric is easy to clean, it’s challenging to remove it.

However, the good side of this stroller is that there’s an option for adjusting the handle. Any parent regardless of their height can use the stroller without straining their back.

If you happen to buy the new version of this stroller; you will be happy to because you can now adjust the seat to help keep the baby relaxed.

Still, on the new version, the canopy is compact and higher than the previous version. Unfortunately, we also noted that if good care is not given to this stroller, the grommets and the rivets might rust.

What we loved

  • Doesn’t cause strain on the user since the handle is adjustable
  • The new version accommodates taller babies since the canopy is higher
  • It is durable
  • Excellent for daily use
  • Keeps baby comfortable
  • Suitable for walking and jogging

What we didn’t like

  • Bulky when folded; has large tires

BOB Revolution SE Single Jogging Stroller

This bob stroller weighs 25 pounds. This light weight makes it easy to push as you run or walk. Maneuverability is easy due to the swiveling front tires.

In addition, this stroller locks forward. This feature enhances great stability when jogging on tough terrains.

bob stroller comparison

Most parents agree that this stroller makes their babies comfortable and secure due to the presence of ultra-padded seats.

Besides, this reclining seat is easily adjustable and characterizes a five-point harness that is well padded.

To make it easy to store this stroller, the manufacturers have made it a stress-free, 2-step fold stroller. It is, therefore, easy to transport it.

Bob revolution SE single measures 51.6” by 25.4” by 40” and is highly durable. Nonetheless, looking at the Bob stroller comparison reviews, we realized that most parents complained that this stroller has a small storage basket. That is to say, it might not cater for all of the child’s stuff such as diapers.

Thanks to the extra pockets positioned on the inside of the stroller’s child seat. Still, there are a few more seats on the back of the stroller. If you are 7-inch tall, this stroller might not suit you because its handlebar is not adjustable.

However, anyone who ranges between 5.2 to 6.2 inches can comfortably use this stroller.

Unfortunately, Bob revolution SE single doesn’t feature a handbrake. However, the front wheel is easily lockable.

What we loved

  • Suitable weight for jogging
  • High-quality; thus, long lasting
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Extra pockets available to add to the small storage basket
  • Features a lockable front wheel
  • Keeps the kid comfortable and well sheltered

What we didn’t like

  • Unsuitable for tall children
  • Small storage basket

BOB Gear Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller

With the front tires measuring 12.5 by 1.75 inches and the rear tires 16 by 1.75, this stroller is deemed stable and suitable for jogging.

The excellently air filled tires are good for use on tough roads. Most parents with babies weighing 50 or less pounds would love this stroller because each seat can accommodate a baby weighing 50 pounds or less.

bob stroller comparison

Since there is a handbrake it is quite easy to stop the stroller at any moment you wish even if you are jogging down the hills.

As for the terrains, this stroller rides comfortably on the smooth and rough roads. This is another stroller that allows you to adjust the handlebar up to 9 unique positions.

As such, you don’t have to worry about your height. With your twins growing swiftly, there is no need to worry about your jogging hours.

All you need to do is buy this BOB Gear Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller.

Thanks to its comfort levels, it will definitely keep your child calm. Again, you can easily fold the stroller using one hand; quite easy to carry along when need arises.

What we loved

  • Has handbrakes which makes stopping fast
  • Handlebar allows at least nine unique settings
  • Stress-free to fold
  • Cozy for the child
  • Accommodates two kids
  • Their style likens to that of mountain bikes, hence, excellent

What we didn’t like

  • Only usable for kids weighing 50 pounds or less

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

The other best stroller we decided not to leave out in this Bob stroller comparison review is the Bob Rambler. It offers heightened stability due to the locking swivel wheel on the front. Moreover, the stroller only weighs 25 pounds; hence, maneuverability is fast even if you are jogging.

The stroller can hold up to 75 pounds. That’s a baby aged approximately two months or younger.  So, if your baby weighs more or is older than 2 months then, this is not for you.

However, with only one hand near the flat recline you can quickly and easily adjust the tool. This tool is also compatible with the Britax or the Bob infant’s car seats.

The tires, which come adequately filled with air measures 12 inches. Such tires are meant to offer great stability. Still, you can activate the break with only one foot; hence, making the back tires stop.

This stroller is deemed excellent by buyers because it features a suspension system of the mountain bikes, which makes it a good choice for bumpy roads.

The frame is made of aluminum; thus, durable. Talking of its canopy, it is large enough for a kid who is 44 inches tall.

What we loved

  • Its material makes it long lasting
  • Suitable for bumpy grounds
  • Has a light weight
  • Offers maximum stability
  • Travel system is ready
  • The seat is spacious and keeps the child comfortable

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t have a handbrake, must use the foot

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

This stroller comes in four colors. Yes, you heard that right. That is; glacier blue, Sedona orange, graphite black, and lunar black. So, if you care about colors, here’s a stroller that you could consider buying.

What else do you get in this stroller? The seatback pockets are three, while the snack pockets are two. That’s enough for you and your baby, right?

But that’s not all you get, there is a pocket for your cell phone and a large cargo basket. To be precise, the basket is extra-large in size. That means it will accommodate a lot of stuff.

When using an Infant car seat, you can carry a baby who is less than 2 months of age. The baby, however, must not exceed 75 pounds. The child’s height, on the other hand, should be 44 inches or less. Why? Because the stroller’s canopy is UPF 50 plus extra-large.

Still, you should ensure that the car seat adapter is compatible with the infant car seat. That way; you will have your baby well-positioned and calm.

Moreover, the swivel locking front wheels offer a great speed as well as stable movement. Of course, the air filled tires also enhance the strollers’ stability. With the mountain bike suspension style, this stroller is definitely the best anyone can buy in 2019 and beyond.

Moreover, you can always make adjustment to the stroller’s handlebar. See, there are 9 available adjustment options which you can comfortably use to ensure that you are at comfort while riding. The stroller’s full dimensions in inches are 45 by 24.5 by 43.

What we loved

  • Extra-large canopy
  • Users decides on the best position to set the handlebar
  • Comes in three different colors
  • Has enough storage space for water and baby stuff
  • Features lockable speedy swivel tires
  • Has optimum stability

What we didn’t like

  • Needs to buy the rain guard separately

BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Jogging Stroller

We know how most mothers struggle to get back in their original shape after birth. It becomes even worst when you imagine you have to babysit the baby all day long. How about you get the Bob fitness jogging stroller?

How will it help? Let’s list a few benefits of this fitness stroller in this Bob stroller comparison review to help reap the best out of it.

When jogging, you can easily take tough turns. The swiveling wheels on the front of these strollers make it so easy to maneuver. Still, the air-filled tires enhance stability; thus, making it easy to use the stroller on any kind of ground.

Did you also know that your height, whether short or tall, doesn’t hinder you from using this stroller? All you should do is set the right handlebar position for yourself.

What’s more, the travel system is ready for use as long as you purchase the seat Adapter. Nonetheless, you should know that this adapter is sold separately. Fortunately, you can connect the adapter to any of the major brands or Britax brands Bob B-safe 35 infant car seat.

Since the canopy is extra-large, your baby will be comfortable while you ride the stroller. Still, the seat is padded; thus, keeping the kid comfortable regardless of the amount of time he is there.

What we loved

  • Large canopy enhances comfort
  • Excellent for any user since the handlebar can be adjusted
  • Lockable wheels make it easy to manage the stroller on the road
  • Suspension systems offers a great and smooth ride
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • It is durable since its quality is excellent

What we didn’t like

  • Must buy adapter separately

BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie Jogging Stroller

With this stroller, your baby will relax on the excellently padded seat. The seat, too, reclines well to offer maximum comfort. Plus, the stroller is meant to accommodate two babies without making you strain to control it since you can choose any of the 9 handlebar positions to use. In addition, the stroller is also a good choice for parents with infant’s car seat.

Furthermore, while you are jogging your way to fitness, your baby will be able to see the world clearly since the seats offers an upright seating posture. Besides, this stroller is good for on or off-road use.
This is because of the air-filled tires, which offers a smooth and stress-free ride.

The cargo, allows enough storage since it is extra-large in size. Plus, there are more integrated pockets which will definitely come in handy when you want to carry some snacks, water and other stuff.

Most parents, in the Bob stroller comparison reviews, stated that the stroller was excellent to use on narrow doorways even though it accommodate two babies. They said this was possible because the stroller is narrow. Besides, each seat can carry a kid weighing 50 lbs.

Nonetheless, there was a concern with most parents due to the fact that it doesn’t feature handbrakes; need to use the foot. However, the quality of this stroller cannot compare with most strollers. So, lack of handbrakes shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, the stroller offers great maneuverability even when taking tight turns.

Did we mention that with a 2-step fold, your stroller will be ready for transportation?

What we loved

  • Accommodates 2 kids comfortably
  • Top-quality and highly durable
  • Good maneuverability
  • Great stroller for all terrains
  • Suitable for narrow pathways
  • Easy to 2-fold features grant easy carriage

What we didn’t like

  • Needs to use foot when activating brakes

Models: Best Bob Stroller Comparison

Bob offers several stroller models. In this Bob stroller comparison review, we will highlight as well as discuss these models so that you get acquainted to them. What you need to know is that each model will offer unique features.

The features are what determine if the stroller fits you in matters of lifestyle, baby age, weight, and finances. That way, you can decide the one to purchase without trouble.

a. Ironman

If you want a stroller that can move comfortably even on hard terrains, go for this model. Any stroller of this model is quite excellent. It offers good speed and features hand-activated brakes that enable good control of the stroller when pushing down the hills.

When making the bob stroller comparison, we noted that the tires of this model measures 16 inches.

b. Revolution

For daily use, revolution model is undoubtedly the best. Regardless of the road you want to ride this stroller on, you won’t have any trouble because the polymer made tires are sufficiently filled with air. Whether you want to ride on small spaces or tough corners, revolution strollers are good. Plus, these models are good for daily jogging.

c. Sports Utility

This model has thick tires which are good for slow strolling. Still, their thickness makes it possible to easily control the stroller. What’s more is that they have a parking brake. You, however, need to use your foot to activate it.

The Amazing Features of Bob Strollers

It is crucial for you as a buyer to note that even if you do a close Bob stroller comparison, one thing will still be clear; all bob strollers characterize these features.

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1. Brakes

At times, there may be a need to stop the stroller instantly. While this is the case, it should be stress-free and easy. Still, it should be as fast as you need it. Still, you should be able to comfortably stop the stroller whenever you want to park it, right?

So, one of the features you should be looking for when buying the stroller is the presence and quality of foot or hand-activated brakes. Thankfully, this is one of the features bob strollers possess.

2. Stress-free two-step fold

You might want to allow the baby to walk for a while if they are of age. Alternatively, you might want to carry him on your shoulders. You won’t want to push the stroller at that time. Isn’t that so? That is why; your stroller should be a stress-free two-step fold. Folding it makes it portable.

One great thing about bob strollers is that they are not only two-step foldable, but also compact.

3. Ease of Steering

How do you buy a bob stroller that is difficult to steer? Not only will you be straining too much while using it, but also exposing your child to danger. Thanks to bob strollers, they are sturdy; thus, suitable even for grounds with bumps. In fact, they are amazingly easy to steer regardless of the weight of the baby.

4. Tires

When making a bob stroller comparison to determine which one is the best, one of the significant factors you will never miss is the pneumatic tires.

What are we saying? All bob strollers are good because they are well filled with air. Hence, bob strollers are excellent because you can use them on any ground.

5. The adjustability of the Reclining Seat

If the child is not comfortable on the stroller, you agree that you will have lots of trouble on the road. Why? The child might end up crying; thus, making it hard for you to go wherever you want.

Also, the uneasiness of the child, while on the stroller can result to issues such as back pain, headaches, or shoulder pains.

That is why; bob strollers have seats that allow adjustability. Hence, the child is comfortable regardless of the amount of time they spend on the stroller.

6. Storage

Imagine carrying a water bottle, some diaper cloths, and a few snacks. How would it be possible to carry all of them and yet be able to push the stroller comfortably? Exhausting, isn’t it?

That is why, in our bob stroller comparison, we were keen to find out if there was enough space for carrying baby stuff. Gladly, we realized that all bob strollers have ample space that you can use for the storage of small baby accessories, water, and snacks.

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7. Canopy

Well, if you buy a bob stroller, don’t worry about the sun scorching your child. Why? The canopy has a good size; thus, protects your child from the torments of the sunlight. Moreover, some of the models allow you to adjust the canopy whenever you need to.

8. Padded Harness

To set the bob strollers apart, they feature a padded harness. In fact, their uniqueness is evident since the harness is five-point. Why five-point padded? To enhance comfortability as well as make the child as safe as possible during the ride.

Why Buy a Bob Stroller?

Strollers are meant to carry babies. As such, we encourage you to buy good-quality ones to hold the weight of your baby as well as keep them safe and comfortable. Bob strollers are the best since you are able to maneuver effortlessly.

What’s more, they have spacious seats for your baby and their sun canopies are top-notch.

Again, whether you want a jogging or double stroller, bob strollers are your to-go-to strollers, especially for daily use. Why? They offer maximum stability on rough terrain thanks to their top-quality tires. If you want to have a walk with your baby, bob strollers won’t give you a hard time to fold, they feature an excellent quick-fold technology.


Que: What’s the most suitable car seat to use from delivery to booster?

Ans: Usually, the best car seat for a new born is the infant car seat. This is crucial, especially when the baby happens to sleep, you won’t wake him up when getting him out of the car.

After the baby is a little older, you can start using the convertible car seat which features a rear facing. Later, start using the forward facing convertible car seat before finally proceeding to booster.

Que: During tire replacement, how do I know which is the right tire size to buy?

Ans: On the tire you just removed, check the sidewall. You will see some information printed on it. Usually, you will see something like A 16 x 1.75. The first number usually shows the diameter of the tube. In our case here, we would use a 16” inner tube.

Also, it is good to check the user manual for the guidelines of the exact tire size to use.

Que: I want to change the stroller’s front wheels to swiveling, is it possible?

Ans: Well, that is not possible. Those wheels that are fixed on the ironman strollers or sport utility cannot be changed into swiveling wheels.

Que: I want to modify my stroller by adding a handbrake. How do I do this?

Ans: Normally, if the stroller doesn’t have the handbrake, there is no way you will modify it. Most pro models feature the handbrake, while the revolution models features the parking brakes. So, no, don’t do it.

Que: Do the seats of Bob Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie Jogging Stroller, adjust independently?

Ans: Sure, they do. Plus, it is pretty easy to adjust them.

Que: How should I clean the fabrics of my Bob Stroller?

Ans: Use warm soapy water to clean the removable fabrics and trims. You may also use the mild detergent if you have it. Next, rinse and dry it away from direct sunlight. Nonetheless, when cleaning the non-removable fabrics, use a damp sponge. After it is completely dry, fold and store the stroller.

Que: What’s the exact dimensions of the Strider plus?

Ans: The strider has a width of 700mm.

Over to you

Nothing should stand between you and a bob stroller. You have the information. Plus, you understand what every bob stroller should feature.

Why not give your body the best it deserves by buying a bob stroller today and start a mum’s fitness journey by jogging around with your baby anytime, any day?

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