Bras For Women With Scoliosis: Finally, The Bra You’ve Been Looking For!

Scoliosis affects both men and women. It is said to be the curvature that affects the sideways of the spine. Normal bras are unfit for women with scoliosis as they cannot effectively distribute the weight of their breasts.

Plus, with a curved spine, it is difficult for your bra to sit well on your back, making it impossible for you to stay comfortable. It is, therefore, vital to buy bras for women with scoliosis.

These bras have wide back bands. To better distinguish them from the lot, they have a ‘Y’ or ‘U’ design. Also, bras with back straps are equally good for scoliosis condition. In this review, we share the top picks you should consider if you have scoliosis.

Our Top 3 Picks: 

Glamorise Women’s Magic Lift Bra #1265

Since women with scoliosis have one lower shoulder, it is difficult to retain one bra strap on the shoulder. Although bras for sliding shoulders would come in handy, nonetheless, these bras do not have all the necessary features that bras for women with scoliosis have.

Glamorise Women’s Magic Lift Bra #1265 has wide, well-padded straps. Besides, the bra also has Lycra back panels, which criss-cross on your back to give you excellent support. Plus, they are soft to your body because they are made of cotton.

If anyone made you believe that the best bras that offer support and comfort are those with underwire, then they lied to you.

Glamorise Women’s Magic Lift (Bra #1265) has no underwire.

The bra has an inner bust-band that is well reinforced such that even without an underwire, your breasts will get outstanding support. This is regardless of your breast size.

Besides, the bra also lifts the breasts to give them a good look.


  • Sufficiently support breasts even without an underwire.
  • Lots of sizes available.
  • Gives excellent posture.
  • Wide, cotton straps increase support.
  • The bra is stylish.


  • It may not be suitable for large boobs.

Leonisa Back Support Wireless (Posture Corrector) Bra

Not only will you fall in love with the design of Leonisa Back Support Wireless (Posture Corrector) Bra, but you will also love the comfort it comes with. For women with scoliosis, it can be strenuous to wear a bra, but not with this one.


The bra has a front closure. As such, wearing the bra takes just a couple of seconds. In addition, the 6-row, 2-level closure is adjustable. This makes wearing the bra effortless.

Due to the 3-level straps that are efficient to adjust and are well padded, the bra keeps you comfortable.

Moreover, you get great breast coverage. To give you that young, stylish look; the bra compresses your boobs, thus giving you a well-rounded shape, which is a result of compressed breasts.

The powerslim, criss-cross bands give your back the support you need and improve your posture.

With no underwire, the bra has superb cups that keep your breasts in the front position. Since the cups have two layers, your breasts stay firm all day long.

As a noble woman, you don’t want your bra to show under your clothes. Therefore, get yourself Leonisa Back Support Wireless Bra.

Unlike most bras for women with scoliosis, you can go to bed with it and encounter no uneasiness. Also, if you do not like having another bra under a sports bra, get this bra for yourself. This is because it allows you to make any movement without any strain.


  • Effortless to wear.
  • Offers maximum support.
  • Two-layered cups give non-compromising support.
  • Superb coverage of the boobs.
  • The bra doesn’t show under your garments.
  • Suitable for sleeping with.
  • Suitable for sporting.


  • Sizing doesn’t match that of other bras, be cautious!

Exquisite Form Fully Women’s Longline Lace Posture Bra #5107565

With Exquisite Form Fully Women’s Bra (Longline Lace Posture), you will forget you had a scoliosis problem. Not only will it give you optimum back support, but it will also straighten your shoulders.

Wear your bra without any difficulty or help from anyone, because it has a stylish front closure. Since the dual support undercups maximizes breasts support, there is no need for an underwire.

The criss-crossed bands offer maximum support to your back, hence giving you the right posture.

The wide straps make it impossible for the bra to slide off your shoulders. With regards to its material, the bra is made of 100% nylon.

As such, you can machine wash the bra without worrying about tampering with its quality. This bra has a height of 0.7 inches, and it is 14 inches wide.

To ensure that you order the correct size, check the chart provided.


  • Dual undercups give enough support.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Lowers back and shoulder pains.
  • Wide straps to eliminate sliding problems.


  • Some clients complain about sizing, check the sizing chart.

Dealing with scoliosis can be challenging, especially if your shoulders and back hurt when you wear normal bras. Get the right bra and align your posture to ease your shoulders and back.

Though they may be a little expensive than the normal bras, they are worth every penny.

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