Braun Series 7 vs 9: Which is the Better Choice For You?

The shaving community found itself in limbo after the release of Braun series 9.  It got hard to decide on which impressive shaver to settle on, that is, whether Braun Series 7 vs 9.

Fortunately, we will make your decision making easy for you. Here, you will find the similarities and differences between the two shavers well explained to help you make an informed decision.

Also, you will learn why you should choose one series over the other.

In fact, series 7 happens to be the most popular due to its unmatched performance and quality. Then, series 9 adds some elegance and speed.

So, by the time you read through this review, you will have decided whether to go with the new series 9 or stick to your series 7.

Braun Series 7 vs 9 Product Reviews

Having said that, it is now prudent that we look at some of Braun series 7 vs 9 models and see what features you will like in either of them. This will help you to choose a shaver that fits you best.

1. Braun Series 7 7865cc

This model of the Braun series happens to be one of the most popular models in the market. Surprisingly it is not one of the brand’s flagship models.

First, like all other Braun series 7 products, this device comes with three independent shaving elements.

The gadget has two foils that are efficient in shaving shorter hair, close to the skin. In addition, it has a trimmer between the foils. Mainly, the trimmer works on the long and curly hair that lie flat on the skin.

Also, Braun Series 7 7865cc comes with a 5-speed setting, which is an improvement from 3-speed present in other series 7 models.

Since the shaver has an in-built responsive intelligence, the device reads and correctly responds to your beard for a closer and smoother shave.

Generally, you can use the 100% waterproof shaver either wet, dry, with a gel, or foam. This gives you the freedom to give yourself that great shave that you have always desired.

Definitely, you wouldn’t like to purchase a device that will only serve you for a short time. This model of Braun series seven can last for up to 7 years.

Also, the shaver’s battery gives you 50 minutes of shaving from a single full charge.

The machine also comes with a clean/charge station. The station cleans, sanitizes, charges, and lubricates the device at the touch of a button. It features the travel case and brush ideal for those who travel a lot.


  • Gentle even on sensitive skin.
  • Waterproof- it can be used for wet shaving.
  • Has a long battery life.
  • The device can last up to 7 years.


  • It doesn’t have an active drying system.
  • The price is a bit high.

2. Braun Series 9 9291cc

Braun Series 9 9291cc shaver happens to be among the leading and most efficient electric shaving machines. In fact, when compared with other leading tier products on 3-day beards, this model proved to be the most gentle on the skin.

As an improvement from its predecessors, the series 9 9291cc comes with 5 shaving elements.

They are synchronized such that they capture more hair in one stroke.

Also, the floating shaving elements cut in 10 different directions. Since the head is also flexible, the elements adapt to the contours of your face for a closer shave.

This waterproof gadget can be used either dry or wet.

Again, the series 9 9291cc has two specialized trimmers that capture more hair, including the thick ones efficiently.

The titanium blades in model 9291cc of the series 9 are super sharp, and they last for long. Also, the intelligence auto-sensing makes the blades cut even the tough beards efficiently with every stroke.

When it comes to charging the gadget, it only takes one hour to fully charge.

Talk of cutting speed, this gadget will surprise you. It can make up to 40,000 cutting motions in a minute.

Finally, this model comes with a clean & charge dock that features an active drying system.


  • Automatic voltage adaptability.
  • Has multi headlock for precision.
  • The clean station features active drying.
  • The device is 100% waterproof.
  • The blades are titanium coated for durability.
  • Makes 40,000 cutting actions per minute.


  • The price is higher than most shavers in the market.
  • Has no speed selection option.

3. Braun Series 7 790cc 

Braun’s model 790cc happens to be one of the most popular products of all time. Actually, this technology-packed hit the market way back in 2010 and has received excellent reviews for its close but comfortable shaves.

Notably, the intelligent sonic technology makes the machine powerful and efficient.

Again, the gadget shaves the dense hair with a lot of ease, even on the problematic areas.

What’s more? This series 7 razor features an ActiveLift trimmer, which captures even those low lying hairs. This feature produces some of the smoothest results you can ever get from an electric shaving machine.

Furthermore, the OptFoil blade hair is as short as 0.05mm. That means you won’t have trouble shaving a two or three-day beard.

In case you realize that your gadget is low on charge and you need a shave, you can make use of the device’s quick charge mode.

It only takes five minutes for the machine to get enough power to complete a full shave.

This Braun Series 7 model 790cc is also waterproof. Therefore, you may choose to use it dry or wet. At the same time, it is easy to clean the machine after use.


  • It has a quick charge option in case you need a quick shave.
  • Has a LED indicator.
  • Comes with a cordless charging station.
  • It is gentle on sensitive skin.
  • The gadget has 3 operating modes to choose from.
  • The machine is easy to clean and maintain.


  • The system is noisier than newer models
  • Its ergonomics are not as excellent as in the newer series
  • The cleaning station doesn’t have a drying system

4. Braun Series 7 7893s

This model happens to be another great product from Braun. Like most of the other Braun shavers in series 7, this shaver incorporates intelligent sonic and autosense technology. As such, the machine generates 10,000 micro-vibrations, and this leads to more power.

At the same time, mode 7893s is entirely waterproof. So, the device is washable and easy to clean. Also, if you need to, you can take your device with you to the shower.

This machine’s in-built responsive intelligence enables the device to adjust to your facial features automatically. As a result, even in difficult areas, the gadget works excellently.

At the same time, this model has 4 synchronized shaving elements that take only one stroke to achieve results that would otherwise take two strokes.

The independently suspended blades respond to the slightest contours on your face. So, at all times, you will be getting that close shave you have always desired.

Also, the machine has 5-speed selections that you can choose according to your skin. At the same time, this Braun series 7 7893s electric shaver has a precision trimmer that reaches even to the low lying hair.

Moreover, the device has automatic voltage adaptability. So, you don’t need to buy a new machine if you move to a house or hotel with a different voltage supply. In fact, 7893s can comfortably operate with a range of 100-240 volts.


  • 7893s is gentle even on sensitive skin.
  • The 100% waterproof gadget is easy to clean.
  • The motor has enough power to cut tough hair.
  • It is excellent at multi-directional operation.
  • The battery charges fast and lasts for long.


  • The replacement parts are a bit expensive.
  • You can’t replace the trimmer. You have to buy a new gadget.

5. Braun Series 9 9296CC

This is one of the leading electric shavers in the market. Its performance is flawless and the shave goes as close as possible to the skin.

For the machine to give you a personalized shave, it features receptive intelligence that adapts to your face. In addition, the razor shaves more hair in one stroke than other premium electric shavers.

The machine comes with a charging/cleaning station that also lubricates the machine. So, by pressing a few buttons, you can charge, clean, and lubricate your gadget without much hassle.

As you shave with 9296cc, you have no cause to worry about your safety. This machine does not irritate or cause harm to your skin. As a matter of fact, it has a skin protector that smoothens the skin for the blades to only pick hair from the surface.

In addition, the machine has a multi-headlock that locks the flexible heat at five different positions. In return, you get a precise close shave.

Since Braun 9296cc is waterproof, you can rinse it under running water or even take it to the shower with you.

Also, you choose whether to use it wet or dry. You can as well use foams and gels with the gadget without any adverse effect.


  • The shaving elements are titanium coated.
  • Its battery can run for over 60 minutes on a full charge.
  • It is waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Comes with a 5-function cleaning station.
  • It does not cause any skin irritation.
  • The gadget is sturdy and long-lasting.


  • The active dryer takes longer to dry the shaver.
  • Its price is a bit high than some other premium brands.

6. Braun Series 9 9293s

After testing most of the leading tier of electric shavers on 3-day beards, 9293s stood out as the most efficient. Also, like all Braun series 9 razors, this model has 5 independently suspended elements. In return, the machine picks more hair in one stroke.

As a result, the razor makes fewer strokes; therefore, it eliminates the chances of causing skin irritation.

For a closer shave, the device’s SyncroSonic technology makes the razor automatically adapt to your beard to an average of 160 times per second. In simple, the machine is full of powerful performance.

That means that the machine makes 40,000 cuts in a minute.

Additionally, the shaver has two trimmers with a titanium coating that pick the low lying and thick hairs. As a result, you end up with a smooth shave, even in the most challenging areas.

To charge the battery fully, you will need one hour. Once charged, the battery will shave cumulatively for 50 minutes.

In case you need a quick charge for only one shave, then you will only need to charge for 5 minutes. Actually, the whole charging process is easy because the machine comes with an excellent adaptive charger. The charger can operate with a voltage range from 110-240 volts.

If you are the kind that is always on the move, don’t worry. The razor comes with an excellent protective pouch.


  • The machine has five shaving elements
  • It has a LED battery status display
  • The elements make cuts in 10 directions
  • Has a multi-head lock that locks at 5 positions
  • Comes with a protective travel pouch


  • The machine is not quite affordable for some
  • Its waterproof feature is limited to 5 minutes

Braun Series 7 vs 9: Their shaving performance

First, you need to understand that series 7 and 9 come in several variations. For example, the brand has models like 790cc and 9090cc, which are for dry use only.

Not only that, but they also have models like 7865cc and 9290cc meant for dry and wet use.

Have you noted something? The numbers reflected above either start with a digit 7 or 9. Also, the “cc” notation indicates that the device comes with a clean & charge station. Machines with “s” notation don’t come with the cleaning dock.

Notably, those are the digits that will help you to distinguish between Braun Series 7 vs 9.

When it comes to performance, there are lots of similarities between the two. All the same, there are some differences that you need to consider when choosing your shaver.

Generally, in performance, both series 7 and 9 are considerably comparable. In fact, you would be right if you viewed series 9 as an improvement of its predecessor.

So, let’s look at the two series’ performance.

i. The Closeness of the Shave

The Braun Series 7 is still one of the most popular electric shaving machines. The main reason for its popularity has been the ability to shave close and smoothly.

If you have sensitive skin, Braun Series 7 is the right one for you. The shavers in this series have a pivotal head that follows your skin contours to avoid injuries. Besides, series 7 has a middle trimmer that mainly helps to give an even smoother shave.

Series 9, which happens to be the new model has a bit of improvement in its structure. Just like series 7, this one is also ideal for sensitive skin. It comes with a Direct & Cut trimmer. In essence, it helps in cutting hair that grows in divergent directions.

Also, it comes with two middle trimmers and two OptiFoils that are ultra-thin. This helps to shave the thick hair smoothly. In addition, it also has a dedicated skin guard to keep the sharp blade away from your skin.

Therefore, if you shave one side of your face with a series 7 shaver and the other with a series 9, the end results would be similar. If there were any differences, they would be slightly in favor of series 9.

ii. Cutting Speed

When it comes to comparing the cutting speed of Braun series 7 vs 9, series 9 carries the day. Notably, series 7 has a performance speed of 30,000 cuts per minute. During its invention, this speed was astonishing as it was the best in the market back then.

Currently, the story has changed.

The new series 9 has overtaken the series 7’s speed by 33%. In fact, the models in this series can manage 40,000 cutting actions in a minute.

Therefore, the series 9 can effortlessly cut a two days’ beard or any course facial hair quite fast and smooth.

So, in matters to do with cutting speed, the series 9 models outdoes their predecessor’s series models.

iii. Cutting Directions

In both Braun series 7 and 9, each cutting foil pivots independently. In Series 7 models, each of the cutting elements can move individually left and right. Eventually, this results in 8 different cutting motions.

On the other hand, series 9, which has two middle trimmers, has a bulkier head. The Direct and cut trimmer helps to take care of hairs that grow wildly in all directions. Also, just like the earlier series, it has a dedicated skin guard.

Again, the cutting foils can also move independently like in the earlier series 7. In addition, series 9 has a hyperlift & cut trimmer that makes its performance better.

At the same time, its cutting foils can move in 10 cutting motions, which is better than what series 7 was offering. This makes shaving more comfortable and efficient.

So, comparing series 7 vs 9, you find that series 9 has a slight advantage.

iv. Ergonomics and Comfort

For many years, Braun’s Series 7 shavers were the yardstick for measuring shavers’ comfort. Notably, the models in this series have the option for you to choose from. There is a low and high-intensity setting to choose from in accordance with the sensitivity of your skin.

Mainly, the micro-pulsations feel like a gentle massage as you shave. Certainly, the Braun series 7 is the best you can ever go for in its price range.

For series 9 models, Braun eliminated the speed options, then improved on the usage comfort. After several tests, series 9 foils remained relatively cool during use. Also, after using so many brands, this is the most comfortable of them all.

Notably, both series 7 and 9 make good use of rubber-like material on the machines to make the devices easy to hold and use. Also, the material helps to absorb the vibrations.

Therefore, from the above considerations, the question on Braun series 7 vs 9 is well answered. Series 9 outshines series 7 in most ways, even if it is by a slight margin.

Braun Series 7 vs 9: Care and Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance, your Braun shavers should serve you for long. In fact, with proper maintenance, you save a lot of money, and your face as well.

Regular cleaning keeps the machine on its top performance for long. Therefore, even after using the device for some time, it should serve you well just like a new shaver. So, here are regular hacks into maintaining your Braun electric shaver.

a. Clean the Razor after Use

As a golden rule of thumb, always clean your shaver after use. If you don’t, you risk getting skin infections and you may end up damaging your electric shavers.

Just imagine a machine that worked for a whole month without proper cleaning.

First, hair clippings, dirt, and dead skin will clog your device. As a result, the build-up of the debris encourages bacterial growth and ultimately skin infection.

Secondly, a clogged razor will never cut hair efficiently. Don’t forget that the dirt also put a lot of stress on the motor which could eventually lead to the breakdown of the shavers.

Mostly, the shavers are easy to clean. For beginners, whether you choose a series 7 or 9, select a device that comes with a cleaning station.

Actually, the cleaning stations for series 7 and 9 work the same, but you can’t interchange them. In their performance, the series 9 station has a drying cycle addition in its cleaning process.

Generally, the stations come with an alcohol-based solution that helps to sanitize the cartridges. All the same, you don’t have to use the cleaning dock every day. You can clean your machine manually in water and soap.

Actually, it is advisable to use the dock only once a week to clean your razors.

If your device doesn’t come with a cleaning station, you can as well clean the machine with soap without much trouble.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times, and the whole process should be easy to hack. At the same time, always ensure that all the machine is dry before storing it.

b. Lubricate the Razor

As the shaver continuously clips your hair, there is friction that builds up between the blade and the foils. Unfortunately, this friction may lead to unnecessary wearing of the parts.

Plus, the friction will generate excess heat that may cause irritation or discomfort on your skin as you use the shavers.

With Braun’s series 7 or series 9, they are easy to lubricate. Mostly, most models will come with a bottle of electric shavers’ lubricant.

c. Prolongs The Battery’s Life

Your battery’s lifespan depends on how you charge and discharge it. Though the modern Li-Ion batteries are not affected by the memory effect, you need to take good care of them too. Let’s mention some ways of prolonging your battery’s life.

  1.  Maintain the battery charge between 30% and 80%. By avoiding the extremes, you will help to maintain your battery’s volume at its max.
  2.  Keep the shaver away from extreme temperatures. Very cold or hot environments will adversely affect your battery’s performance.
  3.  Perform complete charge/discharge once a month. This procedure will help to reset your battery’s level indicator.

d. Handle with Care

Though the Braun series 7 and 9 are sturdy in their build, their cutting parts are quite fragile. In that case, if you don’t take proper care, you will easily damage them.

The blades and foils in these machines are sensitive to mechanical shocks. Therefore, never tap the device on the sink in an attempt to remove debris.

When cleaning the shavers after use, always be cautious. In fact, put the protective cap back all times before you store your Braun shavers.

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Braun Series 7 vs 9: Similarities

a. Resistant to Water

I bet you agree with me that a shaver that is not resistant to water is as well challenging to clean and maintain, right? Whatever your choice is, both series are resistant to water. That is to say, they are waterproof.

Moreover, the manufacturer had you in mind. Therefore, he knew that there would be a need to clean the tool once in a while. Hence, most of these series have cleaning units. Nonetheless, those that do not come with the cleaning units can be rinsed directly with water.

b. Shaving Elements

Both series feature different cutting elements. In all the series, each element can shave a particular type of hair. Nonetheless, that does not mean that you cannot combine different elements. You can always do it. In fact, you get a better and effective shave.

c. Flexible Heads

Both series 7 and 9 have heads that are flexible. That means that the shavers are user-friendly. The only difference, however, is that their flexibility varies in degrees. Meaning, some are more flexible than others.

d. Charging Duration

Rule of thumb, once you buy your shaver, first charge it. It should take one hour to charge fully. Whatever the series you are using, once fully charged, the shaver can last for almost one hour when used consistently. If you are using any of the series only once a day; the charge can last for seven days.

Just like you allow it to charge for one hour before the initial use, once the battery is drained, allow it a whole hour to charge. That way, you will preserve the life of your series 7 or 9.


Comparing and picking the winner between Braun Series 7 vs 9 is not easy. Each of the two has its pros and cons. In fact, it is hard to draw a divide on the performance of series 7 and 9.

All the same, series 7 tends to be cheaper than series 9. This difference is consistent even when buying replacement shaving cassettes.

If you consider the performance to price ratio, then series seven is the winner. In addition, if you want performance and elegance combined, go for series 9. Definitely, this comes at a higher price.

Finally, there is no ultimate winner or loser in the series 7 vs 9 challenge. You only have to choose one that suits you, and you are good to go.

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