Dents in Shoulders from Bra Straps! Here’s How to Get Rid.

Dents in shoulders from bra straps are not only hurting but also uncomfortable. They can lead to nerve damage, backache, headache, and permanent dent. Bra dents are annoying especially if you are scheduling to wear a strapless dress. So, how do you deal with them?

Bra dents from can be removed by wearing the right bra, sugar and lemon scrub, milk and almond oil pack, yogurt, and turmeric. Also, having a body brush scrubbing, protecting your shoulders from straps, masking the dents with makeup, massage oil, wearing sunscreen, and drinking a lot of water.

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    Why do bra dents appear?

    Bra dents are formed as a result of wearing ill-fitting bras or bras made of hard materials that are not favorable to your skin. In some ladies, they disappear on their own, but for others, they become stubborn marks that require to be dealt with. Note that, tight straps interfere with the blood circulation around the breast area.

    Dents in Shoulders from Bra Straps-How to get rid of bra dents

    Wear the Right Bra

    It’s advisable to wear the correct bra size and material. This will minimize the chances of bra dents appearing.

    When the band is loose and the cups are bigger, the straps will be put under a lot of pressure as they will be the ones holding the breasts. Wear a bra with a fitting band and the cups should not leave any spaces on the top or below, remember the straps are not made to support the breasts.

    Sugar and Lemon Scrub

    Mix a spoonful of sugar into a lemon juice but do not stir rub the mixture on the dented areas. The sugar will expose new skin while the lemon juice aids in lightening the skin.

    This should take around five minutes and your shoulders will feel relaxed. Remember not to use this method if you have a bare wound on the shoulders.

    Milk and Almond Oil Pack

    Milk nourishes, moisturizes, and exfoliates the skin while almond helps in redeveloping the skin, has a soothing effect, and moisturizes the skin.

    You can make this pack by mixing a tablespoon of each of the ingredients i.e. milk and almond. Smear the mixture around the dented areas and cover it up with a towel or a piece of cloth for it to be absorbed by the body. Wait for around ten minutes and rinse with warm soapless water.

    Yogurt and Turmeric 

    Natural yogurt nourishes and moisturizes the skin while turmeric has antiseptic that heals the dents and lightens the skin.

    Put 3-4 spoonful of yogurt in a container and add a ½ spoon of turmeric. Mix them up and apply them to the shoulders. After ten minutes, rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat the process for seven sequential days for greater results.

    Body Brush Scrubbing

    This will help to exfoliate your skin. A body brush/scrub or loofah, when rubbed against the dented areas, they generate friction which removes the dead skin.

    Protect Your Shoulders from Bra Straps 

    You can protect your shoulders from bra straps in two ways.

    • Bra Strap Cushion-they act as a block between bra straps and your shoulders. They are available in many lingerie stores. Alternatively, you can improvise yours by cutting shoulder pads from old dresses.
    • Silicon bra strap liners- they protect your shoulders from any pressure from the bra straps. Silicon bra strap liners are lighter than bra strap cushion and less visible.

    Wear a Strapless Bra

    As you continue trying the above methods to remove dents on your shoulders, it’s good you wear strapless bras and give your shoulders time to relax. Do not wait until you have a bra strap dent so that you can wear a strapless bra. Buy both strap and strapless bras and rotate them, when wearing.

    Mask the Dents with Makeup

    If you want to head out for a party with your buddies and it calls for a strapless dress, makeup will be of great help.

    First, moisturize your shoulder then apply a high-quality concealer. Make sure the concealer goes well with your skin color. A high-quality concealer will not smudge.

    Use Massage Oil

    If you notice bra straps scars on your shoulder, use massage oil before they form into stubborn scars. Massage oil helps in the circulation of blood around the shoulders and reduces the formation of dents.

    There are many stores selling massage oils but it’s advisable to buy the ones with ingredients such as; lavender, tea tree oil, and bio-oil.

    Wear Sunscreen

    Sunscreen should not be applied in hot weather only, make it a habit to wear sunscreen daily. This will help to moisturize your skin and prevent the bra straps’ scars from getting darker. Use high quality sunscreen.

    Drink a Lot of Water 

    Drink a lot of water around 6-8 glasses of water per day. Your diet should compose of vegetables and fruit. This will help to promote your skin growth and keep it glowing.


    Dents in shoulders from bra straps are a result of wearing tight bra straps. If your bra is tight as a result of increased weight, don’t hesitate to buy a larger-size bra.

    With the above tricks on bra strap dents elimination, you can now wear your strapless top or dress comfortably.

    Apart from the makeup method, the rest require patience and persistence.  It will take a couple of weeks to notice the end result.

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