Do You Need a Diaper Genie

Do You Need a Diaper Genie?

If you are an expecting mom and you are in the process of buying all the necessities you and your newborn will need and you come across a diaper genie you might wonder if you will need it so you can add it to the list.

So, do you need a diaper genie? You do not need a diaper genie. Its main work is to help you easily dispose of diapers and make your house odor-free but it is not a must-have.

This article will make you understand what a diaper genie is, its advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide whether you will need one.

What is a Diaper Genie

This is a product that was designed in the early 90s to assist in the disposal of diapers and make the house odor-free. It is also easy to use and empty plus it is ready to use from the box.

Advantages of a Diaper Genie

1. It Is Fully Enclosed

It is fully enclosed and it is 100% puppy proof and toddler-proof. You do not have to worry that you will find your Fido having scattered all the dirty diapers when you are not looking. 

2. No Touch Style

It is made in a way that you do not have to touch the lid when you are opening the Diaper gene, you will only use your feet which is more convenient especially when you are holding your kid.

3. Keeps Your House Odor Free

One of the main reasons why you should have a diaper gene is to keep off the smell of dirty diapers at bay. It features some charcoal packets which help to absorb the odor.

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4. Empties Efficiently With the Help of a Bag Cutter

You can easily toss away the diapers at any time. Either it has after a day or two, this is possible because you can cut the bag anytime with the attached bag cutter.

5. Fully Assembled from the Box

When you buy the diaper gene from the stores, you do not have to go through a big process when assembling it. You will only need to attach the refill bags and it is ready for use.


1. Cost

The diaper genie is bought with two refill bags at around $30-$50. Nevertheless, you will have to buy more in refill bags which is an additional cost.

2. Space

The space required to accommodate the diaper gene is not small and it is not suitable for houses with low spaces.

How Many Diapers Does The Diaper Genie Hold?

You can stuff to a maximum of 270 diapers in a diaper genie but that does not mean you should put the maximum before disposing them into a trash can.

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Choosing the Right Diaper Genie

If after going through the above information you have decided that you need a diaper genie, I have selected one that is highly rated in the market.

Playtex Baby Diaper Genie

It features a foot pedal hence no bending or touching the lid when disposing of the diaper.

It has a built-in antimicrobial that prevents the spread of germs and inhibits the growth of germs.

Mask dirty diaper odors –it has a Clean Laundry Scent Refill that helps to eliminate harsh diaper odors while also keeping your nursery feeling fresh.

It has a life span of 3 years which is enough to get your baby through the diaper phase.

Other features

1. Material- Plastic

2. Item Dimension LXWXH-9.38×12.06×27 inches

3. Weight-8.36 Pound

4. It is available in four colors i.e. white, green, pink, blue, and gray.

Maintaining a Diaper Genie

1. Clean Your Diaper Genie

Clean your Diaper Genie once a week. As you might expect, you’ll need to clean your diaper genie regularly to prevent the spread of germs and any remaining odors from your child’s soiled dirty diapers at bay.

You should clean your genie at least once a week. To do so, disassemble the Diaper Genie and use a bleach-based solution to clean both the interior and outside.

Wipe the genie down with an antibacterial cleaning wipe many times during the week if you want to be thorough.

Spray the inside of your Diaper Genie with a cleansing and odor-neutralizing spray whenever you change the liner.

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2. Invest In Deodorizing Agent

Although the Diaper Genie does not include a built-in deodorizer, purchasing one is an excellent approach to help lessen the odor from your child’s dirty diapers daily.

Deodorizing carbon filters for your Diaper Genie may be found at almost any general merchandise store. These filters include a casing that fits the Diaper Genie’s top as well as multiple separate carbon filters. To use, just unlatch the case’s top, insert a filter, and snap the cover shut.

For optimum performance, filters should be changed at least once every 90 days.

Do you Need a Diaper Genie?

Whether you need a diaper genie or not is optional, but no one can deny the fact that they do a great job when it comes to diaper disposal. Diaper Genie is an ideal choice for diaper trash in your baby’s nursery because of its low price and good reputation. If you want a great look in your baby’s nursery, the Diaper Genie Expressions’ capacity and personalization features are appealing.

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