How to Alter a Swimsuit

How to Alter a Swimsuit Effectively

Wearing an ill-fitting swimsuit can make you uncomfortable or self-conscious. Whether it is too big or small, you should know how to alter a swimsuit to fit properly.

After all, we wear swimsuits when we want to relax and have a good time, an ill-fitting swimsuit will do exactly the opposite.

Swimsuits can be altered by modifying the legs, straps, and waist or by changing their original style for a newer look. The method of altering a swimsuit varies depending on why you want to modify it.

Below are the reasons why swimsuits are altered and how it is done.

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    Why Swimsuits Are Altered

    1. When the Swimsuit is too Big

    Imagine buying your dream swimsuit only to find it’s a size up, or the bottom is larger than the top or vice versa. It might also be that you lost some weight and it doesn’t fit you anymore, altering the swimsuit can be the best option at the time.

    Note that if you reduce a swimsuit by more than a size, it can lead to it losing its attractiveness. To avoid this, you should reduce both sides of the swimsuit.

    If the swimsuit is baggy due to aging and stretching of fabric, do not bother to fix it as it will loosen up again.

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    2. When the Swimsuit is Small

    If your swimsuit is small, either you bought the wrong size or added weight you can still work magic and wear it like a pro.

    Swimsuits have less or no fabric that comes out from the seam. This means you cannot add the size of the swimsuit by modifying the seams, at this point, you have to get creative.

    You can use panels that will not only add the size of the swimsuit but also more style.

    3. When the bottom is saggy  

    That feeling you get when the bottom of your swimsuit is saggy, especially after a dip is awful.

    You have to keep on fixing it back to its place, to avoid this you can alter the swimsuit and have the relaxation you were looking for when wearing it.

    You should downsize the saggy swimsuit bottoms to a realistic size to avoid having a worse swimsuit.

    4. When the straps are ill-fitting

    At times it might be that the only issue with the swimsuit is the longer straps, this makes it appear baggy especially on the bottom. This can be modified if the swimsuit has seams on the shoulders.

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    5. When wearing the same swimsuit gets boring

    You might want to look different but wear the same swimsuit. You should find a simple way to alter it and get the new look you yearn for.

    You might decide to transform your one-piece into a two-piece swimsuit or vice versa. Whichever design you want to change it to, it shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.

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    How to Alter a Swimsuit

    1. How to Alter too Big Swimsuits

    • Have a full-length mirror and put on your swimsuit without any other garment under it.
    • If it has straps, try to adjust them and see if there is any change that needs to be done on them.
    • Move your hands in every direction from the head to the toe and note all the places that are gapping. Using a safety pin, pin all the bigger areas to fit. Repeat the hand movement procedure and do any adjustments if needed.
    • Remove the swimsuit and sew using double stitch the areas marked with the pin.
    • Wear the swimsuit and if it doesn’t fit, repeat the steps.

    2. How to alter a small swimsuit

    • Choose a material with the same stretchability as the swimsuit but with your preferred panel material.
    • Cut your panel material to the desired size. Cut alongside the swimsuit seam, pin in place, and sew.
    • Sew carefully to avoid creases.

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    3. How to alter a saggy bottom swimsuit

    You can simply fold over and stitch the waistband inward. Remember not to stitch too tightly. This method is easy and recommended as you can gain weight in the future.

    Alternatively, you can attach matching straps at both sides of the bikini bottom. This will transform the swimsuit into a snug-fitting tie-up bikini minus the sagging issue. This method is simple and stylish.

    4. How to alter swimsuit straps

    • With the help of a seam ripper, remove the shoulder seams.
    • Wear the swimsuit and pin the desired size of the straps using a safety pin. Move your hands in all directions (from head to toe) to ensure that you will be comfortable in all positions.
    • Remove the swimsuit and sew one strap together. Do the same for the other strap.
    • Cut the extra fabric if any polish with a zigzag stitch.

    Now that you know the best ways on how to alter a swimsuit, do not hesitate to modify your ill-fitting swimsuit to fit your desired size and design. If your swimsuit is ill-fitting due to aging, it’s better if you disposed of it.  

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