How To Stop Baby Boy Peeing When Changing Nappy

How To Stop Baby Boy Peeing When Changing Nappy

Getting peed on by your baby when changing diapers can seem to be a habit that is hard to break. But, it will not be hard to change his nappies and remain clean and dry when you are done reading this article.

You can stop your baby boy from peeing when changing nappy by being ready with everything required when changing nappies, warming up the wipes, ensuring that the changing room is warm, putting a dry diaper under the dirty one, do not changing the nappies immediately after he has woken up, invest in wipeable changing covers, cover him using a fresh diaper, burp cloth or wipes, avoid using pee guards and lastly check for signs that he wants to pee.

How To Stop Baby Boy Peeing When Changing Nappy

Be Ready With Everything 

This might sound obvious but many people are never prepared with everything they require to change the baby diapers so they end up being peed on. You should have the diapers, wipes, and cream within your reach so that you can only concentrate on changing his diapers.

Warm Up The Wipes

Many parents use wet wipes while changing the baby’s diapers, this contributes to the babies peeing instantly. Wet wipes will lead to a cooler temperature around their genitals making them pee.

You can warm the wipes in two ways to prevent pee accidents.

  • By using a wipe warmer.
  • Hold the wet wipe tightly to warm it.

Ensure the Changing Room Is Warm

Apart from warming the wet wipes, ensure that the temperature in the changing room is warm. If there is a coldness in the room it will trigger your baby boy to pee immediately you remove the dirty diapers.

Make Your Baby Pee before Changing Nappies

This method works by making your baby pee before you change his nappies by exposing his genitals to cold air. You will do this by using a wet wipe which is rubbed on the lower abdomen, this will send some cold breeze to the genitals making him pee. By the time you are changing his diapers, you will have no trouble.

Check for Signs That He Wants To Pee

If you can try and recall all the times your boy peed on you, there was always a sign. But if you’ve not noticed, I’ll help you out. Every time a boy is about to pee his penis stands ready to let go. 

So, the next time you are changing his nappies and you notice such changes, cover him immediately, and wait for him to pee before you proceed.

Don’t Change His Nappies Immediately After Waking

As babies grow, they hold their bladders while sleeping just like is advisable to avoid changing your baby’s nappies immediately after waking, this will spare you the golden shower.

Get Wipeable Changing Covers

It is tedious when you have to wash all the covers in the changing room because your baby boy had an accident. The best remedy for this is to invest in two wipeable covers in case of accidents so that you will just wipe away the mess. The extra one will be used when you want to wash the dirty one.

Put A Clean Diaper Under the Dirty One

When you are changing your babies’ diapers, the speed at which you will do it will determine whether you will be peed on or not.

If you place a clean diaper beneath the dirty one, it will increase the speed at which you will finish the task. Simply take out the filthy one and replace it as soon as possible.

This method has one big shortcoming when the baby’s diaper has poop. It will be impossible to remove the dirty diaper and replace it immediately without wiping his bum and applying the cream.

Use A Fresh Diaper, Burp Cloth, or Wipes

This sounds like a normal thing, yet I continually encounter parents who neglect to do so for whatever reason.

While covering your newborn boy will not prevent him from creating a mess altogether, it will lessen the possibilities of you or the rest of the room being sprayed. You can soak up the urine quickly and prevent it from spreading by covering his pee-pee with a clean diaper, wipe, burp cloth, blanket, towel, or anything else.

You should be cautious when using this method especially when the kid has pooped, you might end up having a dirty diaper, or more laundry filled with dirty burp cloths.

 Avoid Using Pee Guards

These are small readymade coverings that are bought in the store and they help baby boys from peeing when changing nappies by covering the penis.

These pieces of clothes are appealing, absorbent, cone-shaped, and reusable. In my opinion, I would not recommend them because they serve the same as a burp cloth or a towel. They add an unnecessary cost but that does not mean you should not use them when if you get a chance to.


 You can choose one or more ways which you will be applying anytime you are changing your baby boy’s nappy to stop him from peeing on you. This problem is common to experienced and new parents and gladly now we have a solution.





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