How to Tell If Your Swimsuit Is Too Small

How to Tell If Your Swimsuit Is Too Small-10 Signs

You can never have fun while wearing your swimsuit if it keeps on bothering you and you have to adjust now and then. You should know when you need to go a size up, but how to tell if your swimsuit is too small?

You can tell if your swimsuit is too small if the strips are digging on your shoulders, it is showing too much, it is too tight, you struggle while putting it on, and hinders you from being active.

It can also be that the swimsuits hurt your neck, the under and side boobs keep showing, the underwires are digging or the straps keep falling.

How to Tell if Your Swimsuit is too Small

1. Showing too Much

If you had bought a decent swimsuit but now it shows more than you’d planned, it’s time you changed it. If the swimsuit was designed to show too much it can’t be a bother, but if initially it was covering a third of your bottom but now only a third of it is covered, you will surely be uncomfortable.

2. Wedgies

If you are a regular swimsuit wearer you can relate to wedgies. Though it’s common to have a wedgie when wearing a swimsuit, it should not be consistent making you uncomfortable.

If you keep on having it at the back of your swimsuit, it is advisable to wear a size up.

3. Digging Straps

The breasts are mostly supported by the band, if the straps are digging on your shoulders it means that they are carrying more than they should or that the swimsuit is small.

The straps should be cozy on the shoulders, your two fingers should fit between them and the shoulders. Digging straps will cause pain, discomfort, and at times dents.

4. Troubles when wearing it

This is the most obvious sign to note when your swimsuit is small. If you have to strain to wear it, buy one and go a size up.

5. Hinders you from being active

A small swimsuit will make you feel so compressed in it and at times like you are suffocating in it. With these conditions, it is quite hard for you to be active.

Whether you are swimming or just chilling around the pool, it will deny you the chance to feel free and relaxed.

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6. The swimsuits hurt your neck

This is for the halter-based swimsuits where the neck will hurt after wearing it. It might be that the swimsuit is tightly tied or it is small.

The first few hours after wearing it might not hurt the neck, but as time goes on the neck throbs with pain.

7. Under and Side Boob Keep Showing

If your swimsuit was not designed to show the sideboobs or underboobs but it still does, it means you need to go a size up. A bikini with small cups will tend to show the underboobs or sideboobs effect.

You shouldn’t be relaxing on the beach and having to worry if your swimsuit is revealing more than it shouldn’t. If you wear a size up and the problem remains, it might be the cup shape of the bikini is not right for you, try a different style.

8. The Band is over Tight

Even though the band provides most of the support to the boobs, it should not be over-tightened. A tight band can hurt your ribs or interfere with blood circulation.

A fitting band should be snug around the chest to offer both comfort and support.

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9. Digging Underwires

Underwires are meant to add support to the swimsuit but not for torture. If they keep on digging your skin, it shows something needs to be done.

It might be that the cup size of the bra is small or you have a higher ribcage. If the wires are poking because the bra is small, do not shy to go a size up.

10. Falling Straps

When you are having fun and the straps of your swimsuits keep on falling, it will make you uncomfortable. This happens mostly when the swimsuit is overly worn and becomes stretchy.

Regardless of how much you adjust the straps, they will continue to disappoint you. The solution is simple, buy a new one.

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We all agree that swimsuit time is always a fun time, but with a small swimsuit, you will get distracted while trying to modify or adjust it. This means you will not enjoy your swimsuit moments.  

You can now tell if your swimsuit is too small before you head out with your friend or just relax in the pool.

In this era, there are lots of swimsuit styles and sizes to choose from. Don’t be shy to go a size up if need be.

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