How to Wash Bamboo Pillow: 2023 Complete Guide

Bamboo pillows are among the best pillows you can ever buy for your family. Whether it is your expectant wife who wants to have better support for her head, back, and neck, or it’s for your kid, Bamboo pillow never lets down. However, you need to know how to wash a Bamboo pillow so that you can always clean it when it is necessary.

But before then, we need to say that Bamboo pillows do not harbor dust mites, allergens as well as bacteria. That’s why most couples buy them. Nonetheless, while you sleep, your hair, which could be oily, will make the pillow dirty if you do not cover your head when sleeping. Also, your oily face will definitely mess the pillow, too. Besides, people sweat when it’s hot at night, right? Without a doubt, you now understand why you should wash your Bamboo pillow, right?

Nonetheless, before we can guide you on how to wash Bamboo pillow, maybe we need to explain why you should buy a Bamboo pillow and not any other, right?

Pros of Bamboo Pillows

Health Benefits

If you, your wife, or kids have allergy issues, this is a great pillow. This is why. This bamboo material makes them hypoallergenic as well as antimicrobial. As such, there are no bacteria or fungi to cause you not to sleep well.

Plus, since the packaging smell lasts only a couple of days after unpackaging, there will be no issues of odor. Moreover, people with snoring problems can use adjustable Bamboo pillows. These pillows support the neck and head well so as to curb any snoring issues.

Also, since these pillows curb the problem of dust mites and are anti-bacterial, people with Asthma use them comfortably without problems.

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Comes In Varying Sizes and Dimensions

Some pillow manufacturing companies design pillows of the same size. That makes it impossible even to get a pillow for your kids. It also becomes challenging to get pillows for men who have broad shoulders.

The good thing, however, with these pillows is that they come in varying sizes as well as dimensions. As such, you can get the right size without trouble.

Absorbs Sweat and are Breathable

Sweating a lot can make it difficult to sleep well. That’s why we recommend you buy the Bamboo pillows since they absorb sweat; thus, regulate your temperatures. In fact, the fact that they absorb sweat reminds you that there is a need to clean them after every few months. Hence, our reason for giving you a simplified guide on how to wash Bamboo pillow.

In addition, with these pillows, you don’t worry about your children suffocating while they are asleep. You see, Bamboo fibres are ultra-fine. Hence, it is possible to breathe comfortably while you or your kids are asleep.

Offers Varying Support

We sleep in different styles. Regardless of your sleeping style, you should provide enough support for the neck, back, and head. The kind of pillow you use determines the kind of comfort you get while you are asleep. Thanks to Bamboo pillows, they offer excellent alignment to your head, neck, plus back.

Whether you are a side sleep, back, or stomach sleeper, worry not, Bamboo pillows are excellent.

Environmentally Friendly

Interestingly, bamboo grows naturally. Actually, they don’t need any man to give them care as they require no chemicals to boost their growth. Besides, they need little water to grow. As such, the amount of rainwater they get is enough to enhance their growth. Since there is no application of fertilizers and other chemicals, they are considered excellent and safe for making pillows.

Compresses Easily

You may not consider compressing easily as a pro until the day you want to travel and wants to carry your bamboo pillow with you. You don’t want to have heavy stuff that will make you tired. That’s why; these pillows are great for traveling because you can flatten the foam and compress them to fit in your luggage.

While there so many pros of purchasing a Bamboo pillow, it is crucial to highlight several cons, too.

Cons of Bamboo Pillows

They take long to adjust when they are new and after washing. As a result, it may take a while for them to get the right and comfortable shape depending on individual needs.

They should not be machine washed, which might not favor everyone, especially if you hate hand washing.

Due to their top-notch quality, they are more pricey than most pillows in the market.

In-Depth Guide on How to Wash Bamboo Pillow

Heads UP

Before we give you the washing guide, we would want to make it clear that you should never wash your Bamboo pillow with the washing machine. Really? Yes, the washing machine will tamper with its quality since it is way too aggressive for the pillow.

So, whether you hate washing or not, if you really want to get all the benefits of this Bamboo pillow, hand wash. Secondly, avoid using a drier to dry your pillow. Be patient enough and allow it enough time to air dry.

Once your pillow is dry and ready for use, it may have deformed and may take two to three days before it eventually gets to its comfortable shape.

Once you buy a Bamboo pillow, you may notice some smell from it. It doesn’t mean you should go looking for tips on how to wash Bamboo pillow. No, that happens because it has been in the packaging for some time. After about two days, the smell will have disappeared and ready for use.

You should wash your pillow after every 3 to 6 months of usage. When to wash the pillow depends on how often you use it, and if it is dirty or not.

Change the pillow cover or wash it every week as you also wash the bed sheets.

Also, always refer to the tips given on your pillow as every pillow has some washing guide instructions. Follow that; the manufacturer is always right.

Now that you know all that, what do you need to accomplish the task successfully?

  • Washing basin
  • None bleaching, gentle washing detergent. Alternatively, a mild one could do.
  • A drying rack, table, or drying hangers meant for pillows

Okay, now you are set to wash?

Here we go..

Washing Procedure

  1. Remove the Cover and Wash

Of course, you should not wash the pillow while the cover is still intact. Remove it, clean, and rinse, then hang to dry. When washing the pillow cover, you can choose to either machine wash or hand wash. There’s no issue with machine cleaning the pillow cover.

However, be sure to set the machine to “Gentle.” The same settings should be used when drying the cover using the machine. Nonetheless, air-dry is always the best way to go.

One more thing to remember is that warm water is always the best to use when washing your pillow cover. This water temperature makes it possible to retain the quality of the pillow cover.

 Tip: Avoid using excessively hot or cold water.

  1. Hand Wash the Foam

Hoping that your basin is large enough to allow you to wash the foam, add clean, warm water comfortably.

Next, add 2 or 3 teaspoons of washing detergent.

Gently squeeze the pillow to allow the foam to absorb the detergent. If you are not sure of how to wash Bamboo pillow without tampering with its foam, here’s a secret:

Tip: Never use water that is below 30˚C or above 40˚C.

  1. Soak the Foam

After gently squeezing the pillow, leave it in the water for about 10 to 15 minutes.

During this time, ensure you push the pillow gently at least once.

Tip: Do not soak for more than 20 minutes.

  1. Thoroughly Rinse the Foam

The fact that you are washing foam with warm soapy water means that there could be lots of soapy water in the foam. It might, therefore, be necessary to rinse the foam several times using warm water before you can eventually see clean water draining out of the foam when you pick it up. Isn’t that so? So, be kind enough to do through rinsing

Tip: Drying the foam while soapy water is not completely drained ruins the foam.

  1. Air Dry the Foam

Depending on what you own or what works best for you, dry the foam on a mesh drying rack, a table, or drying hangers designed for drying any pillow.

To ensure that it dries fast, expose it to direct sunlight. Drying fast also helps to prevent the foam from retaining water for many days, which could eventually cause a foul smell.

To make sure it dries evenly, always turn it after a couple of hours. Only use it after it is completely dry.

Tips: Using the pillow when it is not completely dry will allow mold and mildew to grow in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wash my bamboo pillow at home?

Definitely, you can always wash the pillow at home. Nonetheless, do not ignore the washing instructions both in this article and the pillow. That helps to ensure that you won’t tamper with the quality of the pillow.

I do not own a washing machine, can I hand wash my bamboo pillow?

Sure, you can always wash your bamboo pillow even though you own not a washing machine. All you need to do is to follow our washing guide carefully, both when washing it and drying. However, it is always good to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

2. Can I dry wash my bamboo pillows?

There is no definite answer to this question. Why? It all depends on the pillow fillings as well as the type. While some pillow fillings should not be dry washed, others can. The best thing here is to check at the washing instructions on your pillow to ensure that you do the right thing.

3. After how long should I wash my pillows?

At least, always ensure you clean your pillow after about 3-6 months. The duration can reduce if you never cover your head when sleeping, yet you use oils. However, remember that frequent washing could also lower the durability of your pillow. So, we recommend that you stick to the 3-6 months duration.

The Verdict

It is crucial to learn how to wash Bamboo pillow so as to reap all its benefits. Only then will you be able to continue having a comfortable night’s sleep. Moreover, you are not washing it every week, right?

Therefore, even though you must hand wash, you should not be troubled because you only need to do so after several months according to your preferences. Plus, hygiene is always a priority in every area of our lives. So, no one should neglect it.

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