Modern Baby Shower Tips: Turn the D-day into a Life Time Memory

Are you looking for the best modern baby shower ideas? Well, you are in the right place.

You see, being a mom can be overwhelming, and that is why having a baby shower is crucial. The moms will not only shower you with gifts but offer advice, too.

They will tell you how it feels to be a mom for the first time, the challenges that come with it, and what to do in the delivery room. That’s why; you should not overlook the idea of holding a modern baby shower.

Planning for the baby shower can be tricky. But not anymore! We share modern baby shower ideas that will make the memories last forever.

Cook Together

Hiring a chef to prepare food for you can be a great idea. However, it might not be as fun as it would have been if you had decided to cook it together.

The other thing is that it is better to cook what you are not an expert in so that others can share ideas on how to improve your skills. Crack jokes as you do this. Turn those silly mistakes into laughter. It will become a fun moment, learning time, as well as a growing moment. You will definitely treasure that day.

However, there are areas you may be restricted to cook food. So, be sure to confirm if your host allows people to prepare and cook their food so as to avoid being frustrated and counting losses.

Come up With a Unique Cake Design

In case the mother has undergone an Ultrasound scan, she already knows the gender of the baby, right? You get to know such details from the husband or a close friend. They may even have the name of the baby since they already know the gender.

When preparing the modern baby shower cake, have the name of the baby on the cake and a welcome note on it.

It stirs up the excitement in the mom-to-be. She begins looking forward to that day.

Offer Exceptional Advice

If, especially, it is baby number one, trust me, the advice is crucial. A new mom is always uncertain of what to expect in the delivery room. She may be unsure of how to handle her newborn.

Make use of this moment to share your stories. The challenges you encountered in the delivery room. How you overcame them. The foods that helped heal fast as well as boost breast milk. How to lose the weight that comes with delivery.

In other words, there is much to share. While other moms share their experiences, the mom-to-be might feel better, and all panic might disappear. Also, give her a chance to ask questions as well as share her fears.

Moms expecting baby number two or three also need advice. Every baby comes with new challenges. Hence, advice should always be given to any expectant mom.

Record the Event Of the Modern Baby Shower

Modern baby shower memories should live forever. Yes, even the baby to be born should see those memories in the future. The only way to do this is by taking videos and photos.

Videos are good because the baby, once grown, will hear those sweets words you spoke on that day. The gifts, though they may have grown old or maybe no more, will warm his heart and feel loved and treasured.

You bet; there will be a great bond between the kid and all those moms who attended the baby shower. Still, capturing those memories through videos helps to share the details of the baby shower with close relatives and friends who may not make it on that event.

Open the Gifts Together

Gifts in the modern baby shower are a great necessity. Jodi Cohen, who is the co-founder of JOWY Productions, says, “A baby shower can really help you feel less overwhelmed by equipping you with a lot of what you’ll need when the baby arrives.” That explains why you should buy some gifts for the mom-to-be.

However, ensure that you only unwrap the gifts after you are through with eating, drinking, and playing games. Let it be a fun event. You are about to part, and you need to make the event better than you started. So, crack jokes as you unwrap those gifts.

Nonetheless, you need to use lots of wisdom when unwrapping gifts. This is because people are unique, and their choice of gifts may not meet your expectations. That is to say, what you love may not be what your friends love.

Hence, they may buy something that you sincerely do not like. Don’t show it to them. Appreciate them for the gift. Let them know that you are happy with the gift.

Still, financial abilities differ. That means; some moms may afford to buy luxurious and most expensive stuff out there while others can afford the cheap ones.

Don’t show any favoritism. Celebrate each of them equally. Let no one feel more valuable than the other. After all, their attendance shows how much they love and treasure you, right?

Otherwise, you might decide to contribute money so as to buy one gift. That can be a baby stroller, pillows for the mother and baby to use during bread-feeding, or even a diaper pail cloth for cloth diapers.

Host It Away From the House

Give the new mom an awesome experience by having a modern baby shower away from her house. Most probably, she has been indoors for the last few months.

If you can be able to hack a few details from the husband to know the areas she has always wanted to visit but never made it, the better. That should be your venue.

How do you know she will be okay with that place?

Request the husband to talk to her. It can be something like, “Honey, you have been indoors for several months now. Since your health allows you to go out at times, why can’t we go out next week? I have plans to take you to Diana Restaurant, the place you have always wanted to go to. Do you love the idea?” Her response will make you know if she is okay with the place or not. Of course, that will determine if to stick to that venue or to look for another one.

A modern baby shower should be a charitable event. It should create lasting memories for the new mom, her baby, her husband, and everyone else who attends the event. Save those memories by taking videos and photos. Have fun, play games, cook together, offer gifts, and offer life-changing advice.

There can only be one baby shower for each baby. So, have the best out of it.

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