Negative Social Media Impacts on the Marriages: Be On the Look Out!

Let’s be sincere; social media is good! However, there can be negative and positive social media impacts on the marriages depending on how you use it.

You see, you can use social media to invite friends and families living far away, to a family gathering.

socialize with people

Also, you can use it to learn new things. That’s not all. You can also meet new friends; get helped by your social media family and the like. That’s true.

However, the same social media has numerous negative impacts on marriages, too. For instant, marriages have broken because of infidelity attributed to social media, right? Also, couples spend too much time on social media than with each other. Still, some couples compare themselves with their friend’s marriages as they see them on social media! That’s pathetic.

Nonetheless, however much we may be troubled and affected by these and other negative social media impacts on the marriages, we cannot deal with them if we do not know what their repercussions are.

So, let’s start there:

1. Unfaithfulness

Yes, unfaithfulness is the leading cause of divorce in marriages. It begins with the calling of sweet names by friends of the opposite sex. Eventually, plans to meet begin. The main problem is that a habit once started becomes the norm. So, meeting becomes the norm.  Exchanging photos, videos, and having sex outside marriage becomes a norm, too!

At that time, you do not want anyone to come into contact with your mobile phone, not even your spouse! Some calls become too confidential that you need privacy to answer. Well, these are some of the signs you should expect to see when he begins seeing another woman and loses interest in you.

Worst still is that this is what is happening in most marriages. Plus, all marriages, irrespective of their tribe, religion, age, and the number of children are struggling with infidelity.


Married couples are dating different people on social media and meeting each of them at a time. Actually, research shows that in every three marriages, couples divorce due to social media impacts on the marriages.

Research also shows that out of all adults, eight percent have private social accounts. That means, even their spouses know nothing about them.


The way out of unfaithfulness in your marriage is to disconnect yourself with your ex, and any other person that you have been having affairs with on your social networks. Whether it calls for blocking them or deleting their contact; just do it if you really want to have a successful marriage.

If you live in the same area, you can talk to your husband and request him to have the family move to a new place where you will not meet the person again.

On the other hand, some working environments can be too tempting way beyond resistant, which may end up increasing high chances of negative social media impacts on the marriages of the involved co-workers.

While talking to the manager is a good idea, it may put your life in danger depending on how he will handle the situation.

The best thing (if you must be employed) is to request for a transfer, or secretly look for another job as you hang on there for a while.

2. Lack of time for one another

Did you know that social media is addictive! You keep saying to yourself, “Let me access one more post before I log off!” By the time you know it; you have spent more than two hours on social media.

It is unfortunate that couples can share beds, tables, seats, yet not talk to each other for more than two hours as they are constantly glued to their mobile phones. Either, they will be chatting, listening to music, or scrolling through pages of their favorites social media networks.

Research proves that 8% of relationships have conflicts due to the amount of time spent on social networks. Four percent feels annoyed by the fact that their partners spend too much time on social media.

Worst still, is that social media cause distractions when couples are having some time together. They won’t concentrate well, or one will be distracted. Distractions prevent effective communication, and one person might end up feeling angry because of not being given enough attention. Definitely, social media impacts on the marriages are causing great havoc than ever. However, there’s a solution.


As much as it can be difficult to keep your hands, eyes, and ears off the mobile phone, it is possible to do so if you chose to set boundaries to save your marriage. In fact, if you are willing to have your marriage stand and your spouse get more attention, love, and care from you; you can do it.

Decide how much time you will spend on social media every 24 hours. Stay disciplined and mean what you say. Also, when having time together as a couple, avoid having your phone on. Turning it off for a while can show lots of reverence and love to your spouse.

Leave any social networks that do not add value to you or your marriage. That will be limiting the number of people you interact with on your social networks, thus creating more time with your spouse.

3. Exposing each other on social media

Many, if not all couples expose their fights on social media, thus causing negative social media impacts on the marriages. Each wants to prove to the world how evil their partner is. Also, the fact that there is no one to talk to and let out all that is going on at home makes couples turn to social networks. Such includes; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social networks to express their feelings, bitterness, and feelings of betrayal by their partners.

Bullying on social media

Such posts have various consequences. For one, people of the opposite sex seeing your posts might want to take advantage of that situation, try to make it worst, show you how that person is truly evil so that they make use of the opportunity. How? They will want to use you sexually and financially.

On the other hand, as is the case with most marriages, chances are that you will reconcile one day. You won’t want to imagine meeting the people you told on social media how your partner behaves like a “dog!” Neither will you want to see those posts anymore.

It, therefore, adds no value to speak evil about your spouse or call them names on social media. Calling out names on Facebook can result in grievous consequences that you would never have imagined.


If you must speak it out to feel better, speak to your best couple, close friend, a person with a spiritual authority like a bishop, or even a marriage counselor. Nonetheless, it is crucial to remember to do some research about the person you want to open your heart.

Otherwise, they might make things worse if they are a brood that does not keep secrets! On the other hand, they should be people who have witnessed social media impacts on the marriages and successfully helped the affected families triumph over those challenges.

Also, you can try to be away from social networks for some time just to ensure that you won’t be tempted to let the cat out.

4. Comparison with other couples

Ever since childhood; people have been wired to want to be like those of higher standard than them. Unfortunately, we cannot all be the same in matters regarding finances, jobs, businesses, children, and education. We are different, and that is why you need the other person, and the other one needs you. It is inevitable!

Even as we focus on social media impacts on the marriages, the truth is that on the same social media, we have seen people complain how their partners are not good enough like their friends; they are not hard working as the other family and such.

Did you also know that some people search for their Ex to see how they are living? They even start regretting why they didn’t get married to them. They desire to be like them and will also try to reconnect with them-it is wrong!

Chat with your Ex


Be content with what you have. Believe that with hard work; you will also make it to where others are or even way above that. Remember; God blesses the work of your hands. So, work hard and seek ways to increase your income, but be realistic.

Also, be patient. Wealth does not grow like grass! It takes time. You, therefore, need to be patient with yourself as well as your partner.

Finally, clear your Ex from your marriage life for forever!

Parting shot on the social media impacts on the marriages

The grievous social media impacts on the marriages cannot make you stay away from social media entirely. No, all you need to do is to have self-control and set boundaries.

Secondly, completely disconnect yourself with anyone that is not worth your time. Yes, even those who may end up ruining your marriage; disconnect with them eternally.

Thirdly, learn how to manage time, especially when on social media. Let there be limits daily.

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